Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nothing but flowers......

As spring slowly, ever so slowly, comes to us here in New England. It's another season of change. The flowers begin to dig themselves out of the soil, reaching toward the warmth of the sun. In time, they will cover our worlds with colours, scents and beauty....

It makes me look at so much space around us that's covered by now empty - for lease buildings and companies. Spaces that used to be beautiful fields, forests, and home to so many other creatures. Now just empty spaces with concrete walls. 

Sort of sad. Makes me wonder if a time will come when those buildings will be gone and the forests will come back. The flowers will grow again, and wildlife will again have a new home. 

Doubtful right? Yea, I'll continue to dream though..... Because right now, right now I don't have much on my mind... "Nothing but flowers" I guess.

Like stated in the below:
"This was a shopping mall, now it's turned into a cornfield......"