Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Allyson, John, Saratoga National Country Club and 2010!

January 2010, and the wedding season for me (TAB Photographic) has already begun! Soooo incredibly great because one thing I realized in the middle of this wedding day for Allyson and John is just how much I love what I do! It's something I always knew, but I didn't know how much I missed it over the past month and half away from the world of weddings.

So, now, looking down the first set of shots you see are barns. What gives, you're shooting a wedding. Well, I enjoy checking out the area pre-wedding. Winding down or should I say up for the day??? And this part of New York, Saratoga Springs. While it's surely about the horse racing world, there are sooo many great barns!!! Barns here and barns there. And here, just a couple samples of the barns to be had!

However I wasn't there to shoot barns. I was there to shoot a wonderful day as it unfolds...

Allyson, as cool as a cucumber... What ever that means. HAH!.... Full of smiles, possibly the random tear. But when it comes down to it, pretty darn calm coming from this bride!!!

And what makes a bride cooler than an ice cream sunday bar at her wedding. Something Allyson has dreamed of since she was a little girl. And if there's ever a day for dreams to become reality, a wedding day is surely it!!!

The flowers were just great (Jordan Baker - really did rock it out! Elegant, classy but fun and beautiful... Some say flowers can't ever go wrong... But let me tell you, they can. But Jordan Baker and Heaven Scent Floral... Nope, nothing wrong there at all. They truly were beautiful!!!

The "I'do's" took place at Saratoga National Golf Course. A beautiful place!!! The details, the artwork, the staff. Everything was great and it showed in the smiles from everyone invited into their day!

Of course you CAN NOT forget about the bride and groom! The smiles and laughs that they share are just awesome! From the first time I met these two it showed that they truly were a perfect fit. And their smiles are sooooooo contagious! Maybe that can bottle them up and market them???? 

What it came down to, this dream day which became a reality went off with out a hitch. Other than Allyson and John Hitching up of course. The food, great, the music, kept the party rockin' and the energy??? SO INCREDIBLY HIGH!!!! I guess it's all part of why I love what I do!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Showing love on Valentines day...

Recently, I have had more and more clients coming my way to show their love on Valentines day, anniversary or birthday for someone in a new way, a fresh way and a way that only they will get to appreciate. How are they doing such a thing? With photos of course. Why else would they come my way.

Seriously though, beautiful, edgy, classy, clean sexy images to just glow with love for the one they love...

An album for the other soul to hold close and keep tucked away.

Prints to share, matted, frames and more....

Shoots that will always hold a place in some ones heart. A special place to boot.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Leave the worries...

I have a post that I just feel as if it needs to be posted. A while back I was lucky enough to meet up with some great people. A good friend, Beth Jannery ( ) had a great place available on the water here in Ct. A nice place where she held a fun gathering of great minds. I was lucky enough to be one of those invited. Upon entering, it was like a new world. Just a place where nothing else mattered. I bring myself back there (mentally) quite often. I also have other places I can head to (physically)  when I need to just be in a place where nothing else matters.

Toward the end of this post you'll see what I had written and shared on the private island evening. It really hit the point then and still does now. What it all means is that we need a place. Each and every one of us needs a place to just get away. Be it physically or mentally. Through art, through reading, through music, through vacations, through yoga, through meditation and many other ways. Being a new year, maybe it's time for you to find that place for you? A place where you can just be... Have you ever really just "been"? If not, maybe you should try it for a while. :o) Find a place, a thing, something you can do that will let you just be. Where you can leave your worries at the gate....

From the evening.

Leave Your Worries At The Gate.....

What if I told you there was a place where you got to leave your worries at the gate? Would you believe me? Would you go? Could you do it, leave your worries at the gate?

This place does exist! And what a place it is! Sure, getting there may not always be easy, and leaving may be harder, but worth every second it is!!!

The smiles, the laughs, the cold water and "empty holes"....

The chill in the air or the fire to which we stare. The stories, the words, the pictures. Different souls with their own energy making this place what it is. A hidden secret, where water rolls a shore, the drive is long and narrow, and where you leave your worries at the gate.... 12/8/2007

It's hard to imagine that it was more than two years ago! And while some of what is written above can truly only be understood by visiting this place, well, that's not really where I was going with this. It was really just more about finding a place where you can leave your worries... At the gate.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ooooops I've done it again...

I won't lie, I'm excited that for the 2nd year in a row I've been awarded with the "best of" badge for 2009! It's a great thing and it obviously wouldn't have been possible with out all of the TAB Photographic Brides out there!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

What a way to start 2010!!!

The wedding professionals selected for this prestigious acknowledgment are an elite group of vendors who have received the most positive reviews based upon OneWed's 5-Star rating system. Each year, the coveted award is only given to the most highly-rated OneWed wedding vendors as voted by couples themselves.

OneWed Announces "Best of 2009" Awards Recipients and
Honors - TAB Photographic ~ An Artistic Endeavor of Your 

Top Wedding Planning Website Awards Leading Wedding Professionals with Annual Distinction

Chicago, IL (January 13, 2010) --, the ultimate online resource for wedding planning and home, today announced the recipients of their "Best of 2009" awards.   The program celebrates the best wedding planning and service professionals in the wedding business, and OneWed is please to honor - TAB Photographic ~ An Artistic Endeavor of Your with this distinction.

The wedding professionals selected for this prestigious acknowledgement are an elite group of vendors who have received the most positive reviews based upon OneWed's 5-Star rating system. Each year, the coveted award is only given to the most highly-rated OneWed wedding vendors as voted by couples themselves.  "We are thrilled to award - TAB Photographic ~ An Artistic Endeavor of Your with this prestigious annual honor," says Jennifer Napier, VP of Marketing.  "At OneWed, we believe in sharing the love, and we're so excited to celebrate the wedding specialists who work every day to make couple's wedding days as memorable as possible."

There's a ton of great news coming down the line for Muddy Paw Studios as well! (the dog side of TAB Photographic...) Keep an eye out on that blog listed at and you can always check out the Muddy Paws website at WWW.MUDDYPAWSTUDIOS.COM

All I can say is that's great news! And lots of it!!!

Time to set the gear shift for the high gear in your soul!!!!!