Saturday, January 31, 2009

The New Albums

With 2009 there are a TON of great changes coming down the pipeline for TAB Photographic! From new websites (that have recently been shown to the world), the new logo which you can see on the new websites at WWW.TABPHOTOGRAPHIC.COM to so many other changes that are just going to rock! One of those changes would be the new albums that I'm going to be using for 90% of all album and book orders in 2009. These albums are by Finao. You can dig a bit deeper into my blog for more info on them as I mentioned this late last year when the decision was made. 

But for now, I just had to share some of the "simple" Element Albums that they are offering up to the world. These albums are not the large flush mount wedding albums but more of the simple, keep anywhere you want type albums. They even make some small enough to keep in your purse (european carry all for you men), in the car, on your desk at work to anywhere else! They even make great gifts. Not to mention that all cover material is designed and chosen around your wants!!! Seriously, what could be better. 

So chalk a mark up for Finao as they will be making the albums that just rock!!!

More samples and a couple beautiful wedding flush mount albums coming soon!!! Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

12:05 pm E.T.

Began a new hope, a brighter future and a belief that our coming years will bring a new light to all of our lives around the world. It's not going to be easy, it's not going to be quick, but at 12:05 today....... at 12:05 today we got to start fresh.... Now we need to welcome the change and work with the change for that this will take all of us coming together as we have done today to witness such a beautiful piece of history!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Who are you?

Do you as a reader wish that I would only post pictures from each and every shoot or are you accepting of the rants and words that come in between shots from random photo sessions? hmmm???

Either way, it's another rant filled with words about you...

So a quick question, do you know who you are? I mean, truly know who you are? Not your name, not what you do. But who you are inside? Or who you're meant to be? What you're meant to do?

If you stopped for a moment and looked at what your life has handed you, are you happy with the place you're in? Are you living your days the best you can with what you were given?

I'm not saying to run out, move across the country and start a new life. But are there changes that can be made to let the real you out starting now? Do you know who that real you is? If so, do those around you also know? Tell them, they might just enjoy that part of you, so tell the world and let "you" out. It's a new year.... A year for you to be you and enjoy the world...

Now go get it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Because it just shows...

Everyone in this country knows that we are ready for change. We are ready to fix what has been broken and hopefully get the world back on track. And I don't just say our country because quite honestly I think it's more than that. I truly think it's the world.

Now next Tuesday we have a new president stepping in to begin change. Can he handle it all? Will be really step up to meet the words that he has spoken? Only time will tell but he's a great man and the letter below that he wrote to his daughters just goes to prove that. It goes to show that this isn't all going to his head. It's not about "hey, Joe, I'm president. What do you think about that, cool huh?".... I really believe he's there for us, for our country, for our world and for our future...

Enough of my rant. I just wanted to share the letter for anyone that wasn't able to read it yet.


Dear Malia and Sasha,

I know that you've both had a lot of fun these last two years on the campaign trail, going to picnics and parades and state fairs, eating all sorts of junk food your mother and I probably shouldn't have let you have. But I also know that it hasn't always been easy for you and Mom, and that as excited as you both are about that new puppy, it doesn't make up for all the time we've been apart. I know how much I've missed these past two years, and today I want to tell you a little more about why I decided to take our family on this journey.

When I was a young man, I thought life was all about me-about how I'd make my way in the world, become successful, and get the things I want. But then the two of you came into my world with all your curiosity and mischief and those smiles that never fail to fill my heart and light up my day. And suddenly, all my big plans for myself didn't seem so important anymore. I soon found that the greatest joy in my life was the joy I saw in yours. And I realized that my own life wouldn't count for much unless I was able to ensure that you had every opportunity for happiness and fulfillment in yours. In the end, girls, that's why I ran for President: because of what I want for you and for every child in this nation.

I want all our children to go to schools worthy of their potential-schools that challenge them, inspire them, and instill in them a sense of wonder about the world around them. I want them to have the chance to go to college-even if their parents aren't rich. And I want them to get good jobs: jobs that pay well and give them benefits like health care, jobs that let them spend time with their own kids and retire with dignity.

I want us to push the boundaries of discovery so that you'll live to see new technologies and inventions that improve our lives and make our planet cleaner and safer. And I want us to push our own human boundaries to reach beyond the divides of race and region, gender and religion that keep us from seeing the best in each other.

Sometimes we have to send our young men and women into war and other dangerous situations to protect our country-but when we do, I want to make sure that it is only for a very good reason, that we try our best to settle our differences with others peacefully, and that we do everything possible to keep our servicemen and women safe. And I want every child to understand that the blessings these brave Americans fight for are not free-that with the great privilege of being a citizen of this nation comes great responsibility.

That was the lesson your grandmother tried to teach me when I was your age, reading me the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence and telling me about the men and women who marched for equality because they believed those words put to paper two centuries ago should mean something.

She helped me understand that America is great not because it is perfect but because it can always be made better-and that the unfinished work of perfecting our union falls to each of us. It's a charge we pass on to our children, coming closer with each new generation to what we know America should be.

I hope both of you will take up that work, righting the wrongs that you see and working to give others the chances you've had. Not just because you have an obligation to give something back to this country that has given our family so much-although you do have that obligation. But because you have an obligation to yourself. Because it is only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you will realize your true potential.

These are the things I want for you-to grow up in a world with no limits on your dreams and no achievements beyond your reach, and to grow into compassionate, committed women who will help build that world. And I want every child to have the same chances to learn and dream and grow and thrive that you girls have. That's why I've taken our family on this great adventure.

I am so proud of both of you. I love you more than you can ever know. And I am grateful every day for your patience, poise, grace, and humor as we prepare to start our new life together in the White House.

Love, Dad


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Best Friend...

As many of you know from the past, about 5 months ago our Cardigan Welsh Corgi was struck by a speeding vehicle. There are so many memories from it all that don't need to be recalled, though they tend to roll back on their own every once in a while... I can recall every single second, but most of all, sitting in the middle of the road with him on my lap, looking down, feeling his breath, so deep, followed by a pause... Looking down at him, I could feel his energy pulling mine in, just to hold on for one more second. I also remember looking down at him and ever so softly saying "Pippin, it's okay, everything will be okay, but if you need to go we will all be okay, we will miss you and love you but we understand. If you need to leave us, it's okay..." Words that are so hard to bring back...

What makes it easy is that he ended up being "okay"... There are still some side effects that linger, but with so many great souls helping to heal him, he's okay.

That's not what this entire post is about though. This is truly about "our best friend"...

You see, the other thing some of you know, others may not is that I had one big honker of a wisdom tooth taken out of my cranium on Friday. Not a pleasant experience what so ever. It was growing in 90 degrees the wrong way and the Dr. said it was one of the worst cases he has seen in years. Either way, the tooth came out.

I got home, and found the couch as quick as I could. My jaw swollen, in pain, bleeding... Unhappy, my energy probably just about as viral as it could be... And my best friend, my furry friend, my four legged friend walked over, (he's a corgi, they generally don't walk, they sprint) but he walked over, looked up at me, got onto the couch and found my lap, laid down, looking up at me with a kiss (he also doesn't kiss, thank god because I don't like those constantly licking dogs) he put his head down as if to say, dad... It's okay. I'm here....

And while he driffted off into a peaceful sleep on my lap it was as if he could feel the pain I was in and was doing what he knew how in order to help...

And for that...

I thank our best friend....

From Portland to Portland

One of my favorite set of non-human photos would have to be the Portland to Portland because 3000 miles apart is all right there.

See, over 2008 I shot weddings from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon. (one of the reasons I feel so lucky to be doing what I do) And with the journey of every wedding there are other photos that just happen. I won't go into long detail but I thought it would be fun to share pictures from the coast of Portland Maine to the Coast of Portland Oregon. And just about the only thing that seems to be the same is rocks. Both coasts have rocks. Outside of that, yea, pretty much nothing.

Portland Maine, the water seems to be a different colour, it's like there's more movement, a harsher movement keeping things from being settled. There are rocks of all shapes and sizes, harsh and ragged or round and covered with growth of so many kinds, cold to the touch, slick to the step. The coast is low and long and just fades into the ocean where the waves crash at an unconsistant pace....

Portland Oregon, the water is blue, a blue like no other. Not a crystal clear blue but a deep blue that just wants to draw you in. The waves roll in with a perfect smooth energy where they meet the soft sandy beaches or washed smooth rocks... And the coast falls off cliffs into the water. 200 foot drops or 70 foot tall rock formations are forming just into the water....

Is one better than the other? Maybe to some. For me, I can't choose for each is so different and holds so much greatness. I may just have to do it all over again....

The two souls I helped to create....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kids rock!

There's something about shooting kids that I totally enjoy! The energy they have, the way they can look at you like you're crazy and it's all good. Maybe it's the fact that the world hasn't truly gripped them yet with the stresses of life. They're happy, crazed and full of laughter. Well, for Lisa's two kids it was all that and more. They're great! And for a brother and sister they get along like you wouldn't believe... More photos can be seen by clicking here....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A little bit of music.... That's all... :o)

I believe Michael Franti is a great musician. His music has a way of just lifting everyone up. At times his songs are quite serious and at others fun and light. Just great all around... And here's another. Serious and light!

Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Right Now...

Think back, oh, 5 years... That sounds like a good range. Now being back 5 years, look forward to today. The fresh start to 2009.

5 years ago.....

  • would you have thought the country would elect a virtually unknown politician, whos father was from africa, to be president? Let alone replacing "W", who I might add has the lowest approval rating of any president in history.
  • would you believe more people would be watching more video online than TV?
  • Would you believe an earthquake would kill more than 100,000 people and their own government would do nothing?
  • Would you think that the economy would be in the middle of a once in a century meltdown?
  • Or that you would now know who the governor of alaska is?
  • Or would you possibly believe that Starbucks would be sputtering out?

That's today.... Right now.

Now what if you looked back at 1990?

  • remember the wide headbands? Ninja Turtles? pre-ripped jeans?
  • Do you remember that's when the first McDonalds opened in Moscow?
  • Or that Pete Rose was sentenced to five months for income tax evasion?
  • How about east and west germany being re-united
  • or Continental Airlines filing for bankruptcy?

Do you remember any of those things? I know I sure didn't. And the ones I did, like the Ninja Turtles... Can't say as if I really cared. Now you're probably wondering what I'm getting at right? Quite simply today. Today. TODAY. The only day that truly matters. Those worries about the future, let them go. The past, there's a reason they're where they are. Let them go. That stuff in the past no longer matters.

And you surely can't tell me that you know where you'll be in 4 or 5 years. Let alone think about what your life will hold. The only think you know for sure is right now. The present.

Right now, is there a reason to be depressed? A real reason? Not some reason that you're trying to make up in order to be down in the dumps. But a real reason. Can you let it go? Can you really just be here right now? Let go of the stress, let go of the worries. Right here and right now can be filled with joy! Filled with love! Filled with smiles... But only if you let it. We all have our concerns, though I do wonder how much they truly matter? We all have needs, wants and desires, though I do wonder how much they truly matter? Right now, I guess the only thing that matters is, well, right now. You have two choices, A or B.

A) You can look at what you do have, you can enjoy the moments, you can enjoy the people around you, you can set things in place today to help you tomorrow, you can make others smile and in turn smile yourself, you can be free, let go of stress, let go of worries, and just be in what you have. Help others when you can and when they need it. Even if it's of no financial gain to you. Spread kindness and dance to the music...


B) You can be in misery, you can wish you had things you don't, or be in places you aren't, you can let depression drag you down, you can wish you were around different people, or in different places. You can tell the world that you're going to be some place else in 5 years but not do a thing to get yourself there, you can watch steps to make the future bright pass you by with out taking the opportunity only to look back into the past at what you have done to be different today. And you can listen to the music and in your head be thinking that it all just sucks...

It's your call, they're your two choices, A or B, which are you going to reach for???? I know what my choice with out a second guess about it.....