Friday, May 28, 2010

Amanda And Cooper E-Teasin'

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There day which is rapidly coming around the corner is sure to be a great one! For starters you have the two of them! A great energy and over, just a great thing... 

But it's not just going to be them, it's going to be Newport RI. Taking place right on the bay, the bridge in the background in one direction, Newport center in the other...

Just a matter of fact that love truly is life...

Some fun teasers with out a doubt, but in reality, it's their day I'm totally amped up for!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a new tease!

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What's more fun than pulling random shots and putting them up as teasers... Especially from a wedding. As the season begins to get rolling along I'm reminded of just how much I love shooting weddings. Being such an integral part of a couples day...

And for Nicolina and Billy, the case held strong. Their energy just rocks! Nic is always smiling, from buying 22 pounds of butter so she can create a butter sculpture of a great photographer, (hint hint) to bringing her pup Jake in for some studio shots!!

But today, what could have been better than her day...

The weather was awesome! All the friends and relatives loving every moment...

Their day was just all that... (and a bag of chips)

The happiness was great... And then the night came to an end. Just as fast as it began rolling, it slowed... With a great embrace, smiles shared and a few random tears... It was all so good!

And I won't get into the 2 week honeymoon. ;o)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brooklyn Lovin'

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I never really get away just to get away. Never a day and night out and away to just enjoy. Non work related... And while it seems like I get into Brooklyn often enough, somehow I have not yet made it into Brooklyn to just shoot away. (let alone other great places) Instead, I sit here longing for the day of just shooting. Not shopping, not scheduled shoots, but to just get into Brooklyn, into the city, the subways and more, just to shoot what ever calls to be shot... For now... It's shots like these. Random shots, a drive-by here or there, a quick 2 minute stop. The day will come, and oh what a day it will be!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Collette and Rocco - Sure to be a great wedding!!!

As wedding season is about to hit full steam, it's still fun to shoot the engagement sessions too! And of course we need to share some teasers from said engagement sessions!!!  

And for Collette and Rocco, what a great day. 

They're a great couple. Always willing to have a little fun.  But for Collettes sake, let's hope there are no birds flying near by, feeding in the grass, or generally within about a 500 yard radius... Something about random bird attacks happening. And I'm not talking about Collette running after them, but the other way around... We won't get into that though. (hang on, I believe I just did)

Anyway, the session was fun, As you can see, we cut Roccos head off, pushed him over and made sure he stayed close to protect her from the geese... It was all good though! 

Thanks for a fun session guys! Can't wait to shoot your day!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just take a closer look...

When was the last time you looked at the things in your life. And I mean really looked at them, not just passing by in the day to day life, but stopped and looked? If you just did that every once in a while, you might just see what you have, or maybe even some of what you've been missing. 

These photos are just a few things from around the house. Things that we pass by every day, they're just there. Part of the house. Though you see, if you just stop and look at them, really take them in, you might just be surprised at what you find... The details, the beauty, the colours....

Things that are there, taken for granted, but may still mean so much to our lives. From a yo-yo, to a scale, to some tasty little rolls... And these are all just material things that I really took 5 minutes out of a day to look at. I didn't go "hunting" for them, I just looked. I didn't touch them, move them, or shine a light on them. They were just there.....

And my question is quite simple. Every day we pass by all these material things with out really taking them in. With out realizing how beautiful some of them may be, or how cool they may look, or how the textures may feel. They just become "the norm"... What if you decided to stop. To really stop and look... Now what if you decided to really stop and look beyond the material things. Look at those around you, those that are part of your life. Have they just become the norm? Have you gotten used to having them around? If so, do yourself and them a favor. Just stop. Look at their smiles. Look at their eyes. Feel their energy. Take them in and know they're there for a reason. Not just to be house furniture, but to be part of your life, and you to be a part of theirs. Let them know how you feel about them. Show them, share with them, and take it all in. 

"Why?" you ask, because that energy you first fell for, the look that first captured you, the laugh that swallowed you whole, or that smile that pulled your heart over to them, it's all still there. You just need to take 5 minutes to bring it all back in and to know that yes, it is all still there, and yes, it is all still yours!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mike and Veronica and Their Future...

Tell me from these smiles that this won't be an awesome wedding! And if the smiles won't convince you how about the mohawk or rockin' energy??? 

Seriously, this wedding day which will be coming around in the future of 2010 is going to just be great!

But for now, for now it's just some teasers from their engagement session!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lost and Found...

Just over a week ago something was lost... It's a something that will never nor can never be replaced. The sounds of his feet running toward me as I walk in the door, his nails sliding on the hard wood floor. His energy at my feet while I work, or his head on my lap while I, well, don't... His love, his bark, his crazy energy that would bolt from one room to the next. As someone perfectly put it, he did not walk, he pranced. Because he did! 

It's with the great sadness that I have to say that on 4/28/2010, a day after the post below, we lost our Pippin. We lost the furry craziness running from room to room, we lost noble prance of the greatest pup, and we lost one of our loves! 

With this loss, we have found the memories. We've found those moments that we will NEVER forget. Him and his tennis ball, always being at your feet, wanting love and ready to give love at any moment... 

Those memories, those great times and that awesome unconditional love is what life is all about. It's what brings us close to others, it's what ties us with a bond to the ones we love. Knowing that they could be gone at any moment, it's today that we need to do the best things we can for them. It's today we need to give them that hug... Human or not. It's today we need to let them know that we love them! And by today I mean today and every today after... 

It's the greatest thing we have to give.... Love...