Monday, September 17, 2012

Stop and take in the world...

Well, the lack of posts surely isn't due to the lack work. Shooting weddings just about every weekend... The reality is quite simple. One, my first priorities is wrapping up the photos from each wedding, the editing, uploading and more. The second part of that reality is that life takes over. The good and bad,  constantly it pulls your mind body and soul in so many directions... 

Last week I had stepped away for the day. I went to the beach, it was a brisk day... There I lay with the blankets and a book. The waves rolling in, a random passer by and just that moment. That "now".... For the first time in a LONG time I was able to just be. The seagulls flying by, their shadows chasing them down the beach. Each butterfly working against the wind, then minutes later going with the wind of change, back down the beach at what looked like 80 miles per hour. 
"Were they really trying to get somewhere working against the wind, or were they working that hard, just to turn around and take the ride that the day was offering up?" 

Enjoying that moment for everything that it was..... Because just as that, this moment right now is the best thing we can have. 

And this evening while sitting on the porch, looking up at the stars and talking with a good friend, the real conclusion is that life isn't always fair. It's that simple and we all know it. It's just a matter of accepting it. Sometimes there may be a wish that you did or didn't do something or that someone else did or didn't do something. Maybe you look at things you do now for someone else or yourself that you didn't do in the past, wether for yourself or for someone else. And that just brings back the thoughts of reality. That people, just as yourself, do or don't do things for many reasons. All you can do is look at it, walk from it and know that this, right now is the best place for your life to be.... 

So while I haven't been posting many updates or photos. It's because I've been working on being in that "best place" and well, I guess that hasn't been on the blog. However, maybe I should send our a warning that once things slow down the blog will probably blow up!!!!

In the mean time:::::::

Memory - 

And you wait, await the one thing
that will infinitely increase your life;
the gigantic, stupendous, 
the awaking of stones,
depths turned round toward you. 

The volumes in brown and gold
flicker dimly on the bookshelves;
and you think of lands traveled through, 
of paintings, of the garments 
of women found and lost.

And then, all at once you know: that was it. 
You rise, and there stands before you
the fear and prayer and shape
of a vanished year............