Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't worry.....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some dream of fortunes, others dream of cookies...

There are times when I wonder why my mind goes in the directions that it does. Why I look at so many things and don't just see "a thing". Why I look at a rock and I believe it's more than a rock, or a tree isn't just another tree. Rocks, trees, streams and more can be some of the most beautiful things on this planet. I know I'm not alone here, I know that so many others out there understand what I'm saying. We live on a planet that can be... No, IS, such a magical place. Dwelling on those thoughts, I can only rationalize it down to one thing. Growing up with a father who was an artist, a photographer and a man who saw the planet for what it was. How he would point out a tree in a field, with the sun hitting its branches as if it were on fire. Sure, at the time I thought he was just a fruit loop but now I see myself pointing those same things out. The sun rolling over the mountains, the eagle soaring above, the colours reflecting off the river and so so so much more. I believe it's why I love being a photographer so much! Being able to capture those pieces of the planet with out harming a thing. Even being a wedding photographer, capturing the beauty in each soul and the pieces of the day. It's almost like living in a dream. A great big wonderful dream. A dream that can continue on each day, no matter what's lost, you still have so much beauty all around you. ALL FOR YOU...
Are there parts of your day that don't hold that beauty, parts of your future that you just don't believe will ever become reality? Are there pieces in your way that disturb your dreams? Disturbing your peace, disturbing your love for life? Can you fit those pieces into your puzzle some how? Or maybe they don't belong to your puzzle at all. So what do you do with them? Discard them.
Now if you could, stop for a moment. Think about what your dreams are. Do you know? Have you thought about those dreams lately? What are they? Write them down. Yes! That's it! Write them down. Take your top 5 dreams and write them down. Don't have 5, then round off the list with your priorities to life. The thigns that will make you happiest. The top 5 pieces of your puzzle that will create true riches in your life. Share them, don't hide them away. Dreams are good! Dreams are beautiful. Sharing them with the world just begins to make them that much more of a reality! So what do you say? Got 5???

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Painted Dogs Are Coming

It's been a bit longer than normal for stopping in to blog. Sorry about that. But it's all good. I'll be coming back around a bit more frequently to share thoughts and pics. I have more thoughts than I am ready to throw out there at the moment. Thoughts about change, life, the past, the future and the present. About health, the world, you and your choices. Though right now, I'm sharing a great new adventure for the coming few weeks. 

I'm sharing "Sunshine Daydream". Sunshine Daydream is a wonderful little pup. He has come to life to serve as part of a fundraiser to the Windsor Educational Foundation.

His future is set to be bright, colourful and filled with love, life and positive energy. Currently, yes, he sits as you see him below. A white figure, yet still smiling. From here, he will slowly morph into an altered state. He will become "Sunshine Daydream"...

Submitted with many other entries to the Windsor Education Fund by so many talented artists for their Paws for a Cause. I was so excited to hear that one of my entries was accepted and that I would be painting a dog. Not to mention all of the meaning behind him. His design came about after Pippin was struck by a car. Pippin, if you haven't read before with in the blog, broke his hip in two spots, his lower jaw, many staples in his shoulder, bruised heart and punctured lungs. But still kept that unconditional love and strength deep with in to pull through such a tough time. And not only pull through but for the most part, to a full recovery. And what you will see transform comes from Pippin, from the love of life that he has, the energy to run, chase his ball, lick the peanut butter and more. For bright and colourful days. That's what Sunshine Daydream is all about!!!!

Sometimes when the evenings young, 
The wind dies down the setting sun, 
crochet's the clouds with yarn so fine, 
and fills the ocean with red wine, 
I see the sky, the forest fair, 
bringing flavor to the air. 
I raised my glass and in a while, 
you answered with a secret smile.