Friday, February 22, 2013

February 22nd 2013...


Life isn't about how you handle things when everything's going right. It's about how you handle things when everything's going wrong. 

What do you do for yourself and those around you when things start going wrong?

February 21st 2013....


What do you believe in? Happiness? Love? Fate???? You have the ability to choose what you do and don't believe in. The key needs to be reminding yourself about your beliefs and standing strong to them. 

So yea, what do you believe in???

Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21st 2013...


Here's the thing, I would really like it if you could do one thing today. One simple thing for yourself. Indulge. Indulge in something that will make you feel 100% superfantastical. Maybe it's reaching out and sharing part of yourself with someone, maybe it's as simple as a cookie. Maybe it's a tasty coffee later in the day than you would normally drink. Either way, do me one favor today... Indulge for yourself. For your mind. And for your soul....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February - A few days in one shot....


Life, an ever changing array of colours, always using the same foundation from deep with in. Beautiful in constant flux.


At what point do we stop and open our doors to the possibilities of true happiness. When do you break out of your shell and step out into what the world can offer??? 

Only you can decide the right time to unlock the door and step out into the possibilities of what the universe can offer.


We are all good at feeding our selves meals to get through, because we're hungry, because we're bored etc. 

What about feeding our souls as well? Just as important if not even more so. And this evening, I did both. Fed my body to prepare for tomorrows spinning class as well as feeding my soul with some apple cinnamon & crushed macadamia nut pancakes. 

Feed your body, feed your mind and feed your soul.


Water, one of the most powerful elements. Even as powerful as it is, the strength that it holds. Even where it creates the strongest rapids or the highest waves. There comes a time where it slows down. Where it regroups, getting ready to take on the next move... Building strength to take on anything put in its way. 

What if we could be like water. Charging down a canyon, creating rapids that could move anything put in its way. Then coming to a space in time where we allow ourselves the time to regroup. To refocus. To come back together. Then, when the next challenge is in front of us we rush toward it, with an energy that's unstoppable. 

Could you be that river? With the next challenge in front of you, rushing toward it and taking it down. You can, you should and you will......

Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 15th 2013....


Have you ever wondered if you could hold something so bright? Did you ever believe you could hold something so remarkable? As strong as the sun, as powerful as all of its energy. Did you know you had the strength to not only hold onto it, but to wrap your arms around all of it's magic? 

Because you do. "How?" Simple. Because you, YES YOU, are brighter than the sun, stronger than the sun and hold just as much magic. So when you start to feel like you're fading, remember, you are part of everything around you. Just as important, just as strong and just as remarkable. 

Shine on all...

(words and photos, copyright Tim Brown / TAB Photographic)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 13th & 14th 2013....


First off, sorry for yesterdays photo being posted a day late. However, this was yesterdays photos and taken, yes, yesterday. Notice something? No snow. Simply because I took a little adventure and I out ran the snow. 

So, I seem to be unable to post photos with out my thoughts. Makes sense I guess, as a photographer / artist we tend to have thoughts that go with our creations. Maybe I should stop writing and let viewers put their own thoughts with the photos. Maybe not????

Anyway, we are all walking. We walk in many directions, we follow our path in life. Then a moment comes when our path is met with anothers. And the paths converge. Creating a new trail to follow together. Into the distance beyond where our eyes can see or our minds can truly think.... And that's possibly the best part, not knowing how wonderful it can be out there.


I don't believe I need to put many thoughts with this photos... True love.............. Happy Valentines Day all!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12th 2013...


At what point do we, as individuals become comfortable, 100% comfortable where we can let go of all concerns, worry, stresses, and become content with letting life just be. Where, for instance, we could climb up onto a dryer and just sit back to enjoy the scene of life. 

Is it something we all secretly reach for? Not the dryer, but the place where we can just be? 

P.S. Yea, it was a, DOH, can't close it all down for the evening quite yet. Must do the photo of the day. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11th 2013....


Even when days seem so foggy, unclear. Focus just a little harder and believe that the future is the brightest and best that it will be. That foggy moment is right now and will lead you to the brighter ones, you just have to allow this moment to happen and the future to unfold clearer than you could ever imagine.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 10th 2013....


There are times in life where something can happen, or we make a decision that, for the time may cause quite the storm. Sometimes it could be a difficult decision to make yet one that could lead to better times... 

Much like the storm we in New England endured which left the area crippled, we are now able to look at this beautiful world and see the calm and the beauty left behind. 

So when you need to make that decision or if something should happen that causes a bit of a storm, look forward and know that there are beautiful sun filled times ahead... And know that everything truly will be beautiful............

Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8th 2013...


Everyone, every news station, every weather person, government department and more, put the life of fear in us because of a snowstorm. I'm not saying to just live as if it's not freezing cold and slippery out, but there is such beauty out there. To be captured, enjoyed, taken in.... Nothing to truly be scared. After all, fear is generally a choice, at time instilled into us, but a choice none the less. 

It's sort of like love. So many times in our lives, we are scared by love. Wether that's falling in love, losing love, finding love, allowing love. Much as we are "scared" by a storm filled with so much beauty, at times in our lives we have a fear of love. Something again, filled with such beauty......

What if we could all live a life with out fear, of storms, of love, of living on the edge, of new experiences, new directions.. A life with out fear........

Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 7th 2013....


Life. On the edge. Have you ventured there lately??? To a place that makes your heart beat a little faster, your palms maybe sweat? 

Maybe it's working out harder where you feel like you can't go any further, yet you push on. Maybe it's kite boarding where a gust can pick you up and, well... You never know. Maybe it's a life change. Maybe it's.............

It's the edge, it's a fun place to be, it keeps you young, it keeps your spirit alive. 

Been there lately??????

Melissa & Nicks Beautiful Ct. Wedding Day | The Barns At Wesleyan Hills

There are a couple key elements that help make your day so incredibly awesome, sweet, beautiful unique and yours. One, the venue, in this case it's The Barns At Wesleyan Hills. Another key element is the DJ or Band... And in this case it was Harry at HG Entertainment that had the party going strong. 

But... The key ingredient to an awesome, spectacular, out of this world wedding is YOU... The two of you make the day what it is. And in this case, for Nick and Melissa, Melissa and Nick, it wasn't hard to rock out. They brought their unique styles and little bits and pieces of themselves to their day and made it freakin' spectacular. Never under estimate those little touches because it's those little touches that make it wonderfully yours... 

Of course their family, their awesome friends. The love. Oh gosh, their love. These two, if you saw the facebook posts to each other you would just know that it was always just meant to be. Quite simply, they love each other and not only does it show in their words and thoughts, but if you ask me, it shows in the photos just as beautifully. 

See for yourself.......

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6th 2013...


This entire world is full of so many colours. Every where we look, in each direction, we are surrounded by colours. Even in the black and whites, you can find colours if you look deep enough. 

And then there are colours we like more, dare I say favorites. Just as in every other aspect of life, there are "things" we prefer more than others. There just comes a time when we need to decide which our "favorites" are and which we need to keep in our lives and enjoy daily. Those things that help colour our days even more than they already are. 

Think about your colours and your favorites.....

Back in the day, dreadlocked and all, I enjoyed some donovan and when ever I think of colours I think of this song. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5th 2013...


Okay, there I was, at Whole Foods Market grabbing some random items. Pears one of them. And there it was, a pear that looked so perfect. Even able to balance all on its own. And then I was thinking about this pear. And where this pears perfect pair is. In life, there is probably one person that will help make your life into something beyond magical. Do you believe there's just one person to help compliment your life and create the perfect pair or??? I know what I believe.

February 4th 2013...


The next two posts will have the same sort of idea in mind. I'm sure that will happen many times over the next 320 more days or so. But enjoy none the less...

This shot, a day late, though taken yesterday, unable to post. Look out at that city. NYC, over 8,000,000 different people in one city. Did you ever think that in the mix of 8,000,000, or of course we could stretch that out to the population of the world, there may be just one person that could truly complete your life????

Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3rd 2013....


There are times when something we believe we need near us, isn't so close. Or isn't with us as often as we like. In that time, we could easily begin to feel lost, or just simply lacking. However, we can look out at this landscape. Gray, frozen and looking as if it's lacking life. 

In reality, life is just regrouping, rejuvenating and once the sun and warmth comes back, everything will explode with vigor. 

Is there something you fee like you're missing? 70 Degree days? The beach? Something else??? And you just can't wait to have it back??????? 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2nd 2013....


The day is cold, the sky turns gray. The earth sends out a call to those that are no where nearby. 

The ice creaks, echoes and cracks beneath the pressure of the frigid air. The noise, one of the most beautiful natural sounds that is created by cold air and water. 

"While skating, both legs tracing different shapes, I made my choice"


Then it hits you, like a rock hurled at your head. How much you can miss something, an activity or yes, someone... It's how you handle that missing that matters. All you can know is that the missing leads to more appreciation when you can finally reconnect.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Lee & John | Wonderful Ct. Wedding | Lace Factory in Deep River, Ct. | TAB Photographic

When you see a request come in for a wedding, it's always exciting. The intriguing thoughts begin to come in, where will their day be? What kind of party will they throw down? What will her gown look like, what colour will the guys be wearing? Oh, could we stop here and shoot, or there and shoot. 

Much like the excitement of choosing all the wonderful options you get for your day, I get some great excitement from shooting those same options as well as finding ways to capture it with style and excitement. 

Take it all a step further, and when a request comes in for a wedding in the town I grew up in, an area I played around in as a child, it's all that much sweeter. Take for instance this wedding, for Lee and John. The venue of choice, The Lace Factory in Deep River Ct. This venue is a great one for sure. Inside, a beautiful rustic feel that can be left alone as it stands, or transformed into greatness. The railroad tracks and train cars right there... The water on the Ct. River. The area as a whole has so many great locations to shoot... 

Add in a couple that rocks, with guests and bridal party members coming from all over the country. Coming from NYC with some hipster style and more. Add in the love that Lee & John have for each other with their style and grace and well...... Looking back I now know why I was so excited when I saw that request come in and it's because I knew, 100%, that this wedding was going to be so incredibly sweet!!!!!

While they say the proof is in the pudding, for this wedding I would like to say the proof is in the photos.