Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

First off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Secondly, some tips to help clean up after the not so happy halloween has occured. Just remember, for the most part, what happens on halloween, the toilet paper, shaving cream and more, is nothing personal. I would have to say that most of the time it's just some kids having a fun time with pranks. It's all in good fun, and think back, did you do the same exact thing to unsuspecting people when you were one of "those punks"... HAH!

The every so beautiful toilet paper strewn across the yard, over the trees, through the bushes, and if they were really talented, over the house to the other side! I have yet to clean up such a mess but I do remember being one of those punks and causing it... (Sorry about that by the way...) Anyway, you wake in the morning to look outside and notice the beautiful decorations, thinking "GREAT THERE GOES MY SATURDAY!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR". But it really isn't that bad. For one, toilet paper tends to fall into pieces quite easily, two, it really doesn't last long so maybe you just want to keep there for decorations anyway.

If cleaning it up is your goal you have two options, the first, grab your hose and plan on spraying water into the air for the next 3 days... Or two... Follow some simple steps.

  • Let the sun come up and dry out the morning dew
  • Start high up with a ladder, taking pieces from the roof line and trees. For hard to reach pieces you can use a long stick with duct tape inside out, using it to grab the pieces you're unable to reach. Get as much as possible into a garbage bag because if the ground it wet the toilet paper will turn into a big glue'ey mess!
  • working your way down you'll now notice the mess that did end up on the ground. If you waited for the sun to come up and dry out the yard it's not a problem. Get your leaf blower and blow it all into the street.
  • Clean up the pile you now have in the street, or jump in your car and drive up and down the street at 100MPH spreading it for miles into the lawns of your neighbors. (would opt for choice one)

The Incredible Edible Egg:

EGGS! As harmless as they are, they can wreak havoc on car paint! (though they do make an addicting "THWAMP" when they burst open). The main problem comes from two sources, one, when the egg breaks out of it's shell, the shell shatters into small pieces and depending on how good of a picther the egg had, said pieces can scratch the clear coat or more into little rings! Sometimes being able to be buffed out, other times not, well, not so lucky. The other problem is that if the egg itself is left too long it can be quite corrosive to the vehicles paint so be sure to wash it off ASAP!!! Seriously, don't even drive to work, grab the hose and wash off as much as possible so that when you wipe it down you're not wiping egg shell fragments down the paint. Then use a good cleaner and soap and wash the rest off. I'm sorry to say that some damage could have already been done but if you're lucky you'll be free and clear with only a few minor scratches...


OH BOY! Shaving cream, now that's a fun one. It sprays out and behind are left such great designs, or by the stupid kids in town, their names. (yes, I had a friend that once did that, STUPID)... The good news, even though your entire car may be covered, it's not as bad as it may seem. Chances are good that by the time you woke up the shaving cream has become nice and hard. Crunchy even. Not to worry, just grab the hose and wet it all down, it should just begin to wash off. HOWEVER, you still need to give the entire car a good wash because some of the chemicals in shaving cream can be harmful to the cars clear coat. Especially if you just let it sit there for a couple days knowing that it will rain soon enough... But all in all, not a big deal.

Pumpkin Mess:

The deal, just wash it off. The main issue is that when a pumpkin hits, small or not, if it hits your car, yea, you're screwed, they dent. Wash off all the pumpkin vomit and call the body shop... Sorry.

On another note.... Last night I picked up an older man who was walking down the street, it was about 40 degrees, windy and getting dark. I know, not the smartest of things to do right. Well, I just felt like he needed a ride. His back hunched over, hands tucked under his arms to keep him warm, taking small steps that were not really getting him far at all. Maybe he would have killed me, stolen my car, drank my diet coke, who knows. I just had this feeling that he needed a ride.

So I pulled over and his eyes opened wide, he stood up straight and just about skipped over to the car. Getting into the heated car, I could just see a new energy come over him. And not the "I'm going to kill you energy"... But the, I'm not going to freeze to death tonight energy... After chatting, Steve here, had lost his job in Kansas a few weeks ago, lost his apartment, had been living in a shelter with out a place to go. Finally calling his family in Maine, they happily offered help if he could get home. They're not well off so they couldn't really help him get back, but they did say that if he could get back, he would have a place to stay, a warm bed of his own, meals and help to find a new job. He was walking from Kansas to Maine, gave up on hitch hiking and was trying to stick to the back roads so that he could at least keep walking where on the highway he would have to just wait for a ride. And not only that but he spent the entire day going West on rt. 202 instead of east, so here he was back tracking what he had already walked. His words "I ain't never hitch hiking again, it's scary, cold, and I've been living off smokes since I left"... Anyway, I got him at least another 10 miles closer to home, stopped and bought him some dinner and wished him well. Steve was so grateful for just that small ride and meal, a big smile and thanks all around and right then, I knew I had just made this strangers day.

Now I don't say this so that I feel good, I just say this so that every one else can see how easy it is to just lift another souls spirits. To bring a bit of light into someone elses day and give just a little hope on their journey of life... Am I this wealthy individual with so much money that I can go buying every stranger dinner, nope, but I do know that I was heading home to a warm house, and that I would be picking up some dinner for the family and I would be getting into my own warm bed with my family all in for the night....

Just keep in mind that what you believe to be such a simple mundane thing can be the world to another, that a smile can bring light into darkness and that even when things may not seem to be going "so great", there's always someone trying to get through a harder time.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

St. Augustine Florida!

It's a great thing when I'm not even done with weddings for the 2008 year and I'm already looking forward to the weddings of 2009. From Main, to New Hampshire onto the beaches in Newport RI through Ct. and down to St. Augustine Florida! I must say, it's going to be hard for the other weddings of 2009 to beat out the St. Augustine Florida wedding. And it's set for November, I know, a year away. But I think about the fact that it snowed here in Ct. yesterday and one could have only wished to be down in Florida!

So, St. Augustine Florida, the oldest town in the U.S., It should really be a great thing and I'm thinking well hey, I may just make a week of it! Anyone been down there before????

Here's a video I found on youtube. It's an odd one but hey, a video about it none the less. Of course taken through someone elses eyes and not my own...

Can't wait for 2009!!!

Shine on!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You can...

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Shine on,

Finding the right dress

I recently saw this video and thought I would throw it on up here!

Shine on!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here's a story...

Here's a story, of a lovely lady, who was bringing up 3 very lovely girls.... And a pilot husband with a dog who's name was Darby...

That's really where the story ends, other than the fact that these 3 girls just rock! They all loved the camera, from jumping through the air, to laughing and smiles all around!!! Quite simply, a fun shoot. It's what makes the portrait photography thing so much fun!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

22 minutes...

Time management.... That alone can stress you out or make your day. I guess it depends what you do with your energy and every minute set forth within the day. Recently, I've personally been working to use my time more wisely. Especially with how busy things have been lately. From having a wedding to shoot every weekend to the portrait sessions. It's all great, but makes that time management a top priority... So I have one simple thing to have you think about...

The television. You know, some people have those great bumper stickers "Kill Your TV"... Now I'm not one for violence so I wouldn't go that far. But what about just putting a box over it? LOL... Seriously though, the "normal" TV show is 30 minutes long, take out the 8 minutes of commercials and you generally have 22 minutes of useless information going into your mind. 22 minutes of mush that you could probably, if I took a guess, live with out. What do you think? Could you find something more beneficial to do with that 22 minutes? What about reading? What about taking a walk? Or what about just stopping the day and thinking about your next steps in life... How about if you just started with the 8 minutes of commercial time. Grab a book and read through those commercials. I would make a bet that you would read clear on through the rest of the show as well. Your mind truly longs for stimulation that you could so easily give it. So why not step it up, pass on that show and be a bit more productive? I'm not saying TV is bad all together, there may be some times when you just have to "veg out"... But be honest, could you pass on that show at 7 and work something a little better into your day???

Shine on!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yes... Again Change...

I have been thinking about this for quite some time now, this blog of Autumn, the blog of change! Yes, that in deed is what we shall call it, the blog of change. I can sit here and be sure of myself that there are thousands of blogs all revolving around the same thing at this moment. The change. It's inevitable that with the new season upon us, the true season of change, many will reflect back on the past year, maybe the past years. Reflecting upon autumns changes and in turn reflect upon themselves. With the green leaves turning a kaleidascope of reds, golds and browns that are fall's vivid shades and the colorful flowers are retreating back into themselves, now is the time for you to decide about change. Will you too retreat back with in yourself? Or will you step out, will you be the smaller critters that scamper around the forest floors working to move forward in life. To collect the nuts and seeds of their future? Which is it that you will choose???
Do you look at change and hide behind a blanket of darkness or do you reach out to grab it, pull it in and mold it into your own??? By all means, don't hide. Life is unstopable, however by hiding in the darkness it is also riding the flatline. You stick to the same routine, you follow the same rules, you roll along in a mundane state... Not that doing so is always a bad thing, at times one needs that certain calmness that comes with routine. BUT! Let's bring back the change! The moments where life can better itself, life can shine on in so many different ways and colours! Life can be pure bliss!!! When of course you step away from the flat line, our of that comfort zone and into a new phase.
With out that change can you truly grow? I know that for TAB Photographic being a photographer in Ct. and New England, I see so much. I could easily glide along just doing what I do, riding a flat line. But you see, that's NOT what my choice is! My choice is to grow and take all those that matter to me along my side. My choice is to become not just another one of the Ct. wedding photographers or portrait photographers, but to be the photographer. The one you want to have in your circle, the one that you want to capture the moments and the love and the tears. From your big wedding day, to portraits of your children to yes, even your pet, or should I say pets! I will do that by constantly changing, by embracing all that is given to me and by searching out all that is not. I will grow, I will change. I will become those colours that are now abundant across New England and other parts of the country.... I will be ever changing.
How about you? Will you sit still or will you wrap your hand, no your arms, around possible change??? It's your choice, but what ever choice you make, just hold on and know that with change can come so many other powerful things. And much like we see in nature, The trees go from their colourful greens to their reds, yellows, purples and more. And then they go quiet, they rest and take in the change under a blanket of white calmness. They accept the change, the work with the change and make that change a good thing, recharging for yet another build up, another year with great opportunities... They grow, larger and stronger, they become lush in color, they reach deep into the earth and soak up the sun, and they do this how??? And why??? Because they accepted change... They accepted a great future. And year after year, they embrace that change only to grow stronger through each and every day....
So what will it be, your road to life is right there in front of you, shall you sit and take it all in from the same vantage point or will you walk down the road looking for the change to make your life that much better!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Shaking around the world...

As the days roll on I find myself as busy as can be. With some great portrait sessions going on and even more weddings! This is seriously the "new wedding season".... I guess in my eyes couples should hold their big day in the time of year that is fitting for them, not because it's "the season"... I truly believe that everyone has that special time just like we all have a special place. I can think of many special places that I know I have. Actually the thoughts bring me back through all of my years, from growing up to being out west and back to New England... All such great changes along the way. Speaking of changes, we are currently sitting in one of the most splendid of times here in New England... It's Autumn. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing and from my town of Collinsville to Northern Maine, New England is surely a great sight for all... I'm sure that I'll have some New England'esque pictures up soon.

And at the same time, while I think about New England, and living here, and running my business as a photographer, portrait or wedding and more, I can't help but wonder what running my business in other parts of the world would be like... From China, to New Zealand or even Africa! Can you imagine that... There you are, at a wedding, a day like no other.... The camera shutter clicking away when a giraffe strolls through the ceremony. Or you're shooting a wedding when the world begins to shake and the church begins to cruble and all just have to run for their lives... That's something that happened quite recently. Not to me, but you can view some of the images here. I can just imagine though, the feeling, the suffering. For an event such as that to happen on a day that should be all yours... And the world attempts to shake you off. What gives. True craziness... A bit of a ramble, yea, maybe. All I can say is that even in that situation, I would still love being a wedding photographer From Ct. and New England to the rest of the world... Anyone want to take me to New Zealand or some where else cool and exciting???

Friday, October 17, 2008

Updates All Around...

First off, I want to again thank everyone that kept Pippin the wonder dog in their thoughts. Somehow he is pulling through from such an awful ordeal. Watching him get hit by the speeding car was so awful but still nothing compared to the pain he has gone through each and every day since then. He WILL be pulling through and is showing such great signs of recovery. We all skimmed by the hip surgery as long as he stays on "bed rest". How you keep a corgi on bed rest I'm not sure. His mouth has or is healing up great and his staples are out, bruising is gone, lungs are great and the only thing remaining is his hip fractures which should heal up "fine". Again, as long as he stays on bed rest. There is no climbing stairs for him, or playing fetch... Which is tough because we all know that a tennis ball and pipping go hand in hand. Or really ball in mouth....

Everything else, gosh... Almost too good! I can honestly say that when I set the photography goal for 2008 I didn't think I would surpass it this much. I can not complain at all. And it sounds odd but I love what I do even more. Call me a wedding photographer, a portrait photographer, a pet photographer or more. What ever, it doesn't really matter to me. What matters is that I just get to keep shooting people. That also brings me around to another idea I'm working on. TAB Photographic T-shirts!!! Fun ones. Logo, with a quote and website below. I'm thinking the quote will read either "I'm paid to shoot people and I love what I do".... Or just "paid to shoot people daily and love it!" Any thoughts? Any other ideas? I'm open....

Other things. Oh boy... First off, working on a new blog for my town... Collinsville! Local support is where it's at. Other blog that will be happening will revolve around farmington artists... Maybe I'm taking on too much? I don't know. What I do know is that I want to support local people, artists and businesses and figure this is all just another way.

And last but not least is the store front I'm STILL trying to get into. Now the owner of the building has passed along the task of finding a tenant for the spot. He passed it along to a business owner along side the empty space and all she's trying to do is benefit herself and not thinking about what the town would enjoy, or what others would like... Maybe I'm being selfish thinking that she just needs to give it up... I don't know. Frustrating when all I want to do is stay local and support the town... Not looking as if that will happen. It is what it is.

For now, shine on!

Friday, October 3, 2008

For Corey And Peter...

For Corey and Peter the weather held off. Tropical storms lingered on the radar, the humidity was thick enough to cut with a knife and the heat building. However with all of that, the Tropical storm waited until 5:05 to dump the rain, the A/C had everyone forgetting about the humidity and the heat really wasn't that bad...

However I wasn't the one that had to be in the dress or tux....

Their day really was a great one though, held at the Aquaturf in Southington, Ct.. From Peters attitude to Coreys smile and laugh the day was a great one. The youngsters running around, the adults doing the world famous chicken dance, ( I know what you're thinking but everyone still seems to enjoy it???), to the Mrs. Ponticelli shorts.

It was just a great day..