Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Be who you are...

Last night I came across a book that I truly admire. It takes two of the constant thoughts that bounce around in this head of mine and puts them together. Those two thoughts are life & photography. The book is called WISDOM by Andrew Zuckerman. Shots that are truly after my own heart. And words from each individual soul that are just so inspiring. Now the other funny thing here is quote from the book, it actually spans both VERY LARGE pages and states "Nobody Can Teach Me Who I Am"... First off, I want you to take that to heart, because you are truly who YOU are. And the funny thing about that is a simple conversation that took place with a loved one later on in the evening about people who truly don't know who they are yet. Maybe they're not sure about themselves, maybe they're not accepting of who they truly are or maybe they just don't know how to let that person out??? One can't be too sure, but really... "Nobody Can Teach Me Who I AM".... Nobody can teach you who you are. We're all our own souls and for 2009 why don't you think about letting that inner you out. Why don't you work on teaching yourself who you are. Who you truly are. Not who you want to be. But who YOU ARE....

2009 is sure to be a grand one, we're opening our lives to a new beginning with a new president, a new number 9, new months, days and minutes. They can and will all be great. Don't let the worries of another year gone take you down. Look forward. You can do it. We will all continue to grow wise together. With each and every day. We are still growing up, there's no decomposing that is going to happen here. After all, that only happens when you stand still... Are you going to stand still??? Instead what do you say we take the new year on and make it a great one????

Shine on with the new year and remember.... "Nobody can teach me who I am"...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Splendid You...

I often get asked about this blog, and why, as a photographer, the blog doesn't just include photo after photo of every shoot. And while I may not have the perfect answer, or really any answer at all, I will just say that it is what it is. Do you guys want to see pictures from every single shoot? Do you want me to stop with the (at times useless) rants? Or do I just keep going with what's been done? Let me know, leave a comment below and if you haven't already, sign up to receive the blog direct using the sign up box to the right.

As for right now, the grand day of Christmas is rolling around in less than 24 hours and the new year following a week later. In that time many of us will reflect on the year that has passed, or the year to come. How about if we stop for just one minute. (maybe two - or more if you need). But why don't we stop, in silent reflection for just a short while. Calm your thoughts, let everything go. The worries about the holiday in general, the shopping, the preparations, the money. Let it all go. Let everything go. In this moment, simply be.....

There is so much in each and every one of us, and with out a doubt, there is so much more to come. Even with that & the more to come, you have always been and always will be - more than enough!

For right now, let go of how you appear, let go of what you have accomplished. Feel the truth of who you are right in this moment. Feel your own energy. Around you, spinning in a controlled chaos...

In this silence, there is so much you can know. Beyond the thoughts there is so much for you to understand. It's that right there, it's the person that lives inside the person you are. Touch that person. Find them, for that is you. Be immersed in that energy because that is you. Find that power that is always there, no matter what, and know that what ever may come... All it well....

Happy Christmas, be safe and as always....

Shine on,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Kayla And Chris prepare for the future...

From their dorky photographer to them.... Some fun shots and a little tease.

As you can see, these two are total goofs! Always smiling, laughing and in general having fun. The rest of the pictures you ask? For their eyes only...

Shine on!

Weather The Storm....

May of us in New England are getting ready to do just that, weather the storm. And while we're preparing to be smacked, whacked, whammed and smashed by the storm, there are those that have already gone through the worst of it and are just fine.

So here comes the first snow storm of the season. The first real storm of the season.

I know that for us, word on the street is that we'll see anywhere from 9-14 inches. Not bad. No schools are open, people calling into work and well, just getting ready to weather the storm.

For the most part, each and every one of us is going to pull through with out any issues at all. We're going to watch the white stuff pile up into the night, get under the warm covers and wake up to that wonderful blue sky in the morning. You know the sky I'm talking about. The contrast against the white, the sun reflecting on the snow like diamonds. So darn beautiful. Especially in Collinsville, the river rushing through town, the hills and all the wild life coming back out from their dens...

Now look at all of that.

Quite simply, we weathered the storm. We prepared and handled each and every part the best we could and on the back side of the storm is pure beauty... And that's something to look a little deeper into. Take what you see and keep it close. Because it's that - right there that you can use in the future. When things get rough, there's a loss, an accident, a little low spot. It's the preparation and the steps you can take to help yourself get through. And when you have taken all the steps you can muster, maybe you've run out of steam, and you just don't think there's anywhere else to go... Well, call a friend, climb under those covers, maybe watch a movie, get some sleep and know that you've done everything you can to weather that storm.

And keep all of that in mind, knowing that there is beauty on the back side. Know that you'll get through it in all good time. There may always be a lingering effect or two and that's okay. Let it go. Look around at what you've accomplished and be proud for that YOU have weathered the storm...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time for a sing along folks!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I just think it's funny, that's all...

Seriously, this is the best DUI ever!!! I mean, can you repeat the alphabet backwards?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Studio - Real Artways Building in Hartford, Ct. - 56 Arbor St. Hartford, Ct.

As the holidays catch us all in a whirl wind we need to remember to stop, look around at what you have and catch your breath. Realize that it's everything which is already around you that counts most.As some of you know, we almost lost our Wonder Dog Pippin a couple of months back due to a speeding vehicle which struck him in front of the house. And while we go through each and every day, some of us with our dogs by our sides, or our cats, maybe the children and more, we get into a routine and sometimes forget just how much each and every soul around us may mean. And I ask of you for this holiday season to keep those that matter most close at heart. And those that just matter a little - why don't you keep them just as close.
Keep in mind that for one reason or another each one of those individual souls was brought into your life for a reason. And why not give one of the most under rated things around this holiday season. A simple hug.

On another note, I also need to thank each and everyone of you that helped make 2008 a great year for TAB Photographic! From all of the weddings which I was invited into - to the portrait fun I was able to capture, and along through the year with all the wonderful pet portraits! 2008 was a great one! And what's better is that 2009 is going to be even more SuperfanTABulous (and yes, I may have made that word up and yes, you can use it when appropriate)!!!But again, I thank everyone!

Now as the new year comes around I have also welcomed in a Great New Studio Located in the Real Artways Building in Hartford Ct. And along with the new studio is a brand spankin new website!!! Check it out at WWW.TABPHOTOGRAPHIC.COM and let me know what you think.

Or maybe you want to check out the newsletter by cicking this link here.

And to thank everyone for an awesome 2008 and what is sure to be a rockin' 2009 I'm spreading some specials around below.

Just know that they're all on a limit with quantity and time so if you're interested e-mail me back by using the contact tabs on either the wedding or portrait websites. (or

All packages below are also available as gift certificates.

First 5 portrait sessions booked -
  • In studio portrait session -
  • 3 / 5X7" prints matted -
  • VIP print pricing / album pricing (normally only available to VIP clients) -
  • online viewing / sharing gallery -
  • $25.00 print credit -
  • Normal Pricing $250.00
  • Limited Quantity to First 5 Bookings $150.00


Pet Portrait Special to first 3 booked.In studio Portrait Session (one pet) -
  • 1 / 8X10" print matted -
  • 1 / 5X7" print matted -
  • VIP print pricing / album pricing (normally only available to VIP clients) -
  • online viewing sharing gallery$50.00 print credit -
  • Normal Pricing $500.00
  • Limited Quantity to First 3 bookings $275.00


Welcoming a new soul - First 5 bookings ( 3 photo sessions & 3 custom albums)(if the baby has already come we can push the shoots timing to now, 6 months and a year)
  • Maternity photo shoot / in studio or comfort of your own home
  • New Born portrait session / in studio or comfort of your own home
  • 6 month portrait session / in studio
  • One Custom Album (10 images) from each individual shoot
  • Perfect way to capture those sacred moments for the expecting parents to that new energy of love
  • Normal Pricing $850.00
  • Limited to first 5 bookings $590.00 - inlcudes all photo sessions and albums Additional prints always available at VIP pricing for New Soul shoots (Additional $50.00 print credit applied to account)


Puppy Teeth All Around -
  • First 3 bookings ( 3 photo sessions & 3 custom albums)(if the puppy has already arrived we can push the shoot to 6 months one year and 18 months)
  • Welcoming in the new puppy (between 8 weeks - 3 months of age)
  • Portrait Session in StudioThe Abundant Energy (between 4 - 6 months of age)
  • Studio Session (possibly on location)
  • The Not So Mature Times (Between 12-14 months of age) Studio Session (possibly on location)One Custom Album (10 images) from each individual shootPerfect way to capture all that puppy love! From the shoe chewing to the obediant sit and stay and forward! Awesome times never to be forgotten
  • Normal Pricing $1290.00
  • Limited to First 3 bookings $720.00


I know, it may be crazy for me to throw all of those awesome specials out there, but to tell you the truth, I'm enjoying each and every shoot more and more so let us all keep that energy flowing!!! But don't hesitate to long because I really am sticking to the limited bookings.

And hey, you can even give one of the above shoots, or any shoot as a gift. So what do you say??? Ready to make it happen!!!

Shine on and keep that energy high throught he holidays!!!

TAB Photographic
P.O. Box 426
Collinsville, Ct. 06022
Phone: 1.877.853.0313

link to newsletter:

above offers can not be combined with any other specials / discounts or offers