Saturday, August 14, 2010

What a great set of "I Do's"...

It seems like every wedding I shoot continues to get better and better, and I don't mean the pictures. (though I hope they too always go in that direction) What I mean are the weddings themselves, maybe it's because I simple love what I do that much, but really... It's just great.

I just returned home from a local wedding, which in itself has some goodness to it. And when I say just, I mean, like 18 minutes ago. 

So why I am up, writing about it? Because it really was that good! And they all are, it's just most of the time I get in at 1 or 2 or 3 in the morning. ;o)

Anyway, today, the laughs continued to just roll out. From the groomsmen walking into the church, and walking and walking and walking. The entire church was filled with laughter as they filed in. All 12 of them including the groom! YES! A total of 24 for the wedding party! And a great 24 at that! Then there was the group shot of EVERYONE, the wedding party, the guests and more, all on the steps in front of the church and then... Then we were about to hit overtime on the party bus so it was time to boogie before it got too late. The downside, it meant no Blue Back Square pics... :o( But the good side, there was a 2 minute stop at the cornfield right on the main road. 

Not much time for anything but a couple quick snaps... But making the most of any minute I get is what I do!!! The fun didn't stop there, the group shots with the wedding party were awesome! Each and every one of them brought their own fun and energy into the night...

The twinkies and cupcakes to the late night cheeseburgers... And in the middle of it all was some great dancing, tons of laughs and the smiles all around. 

I just can't stop there... The speeches were classic! The speech from the Maid of Honor... HAHA! So great. Started out with "You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-woman wolf pack." And for those of you that are fans of the hangover, know where that one goes! It was soo great. 

The polaroids, awesome! The autism pins great... The entire day and evening just seems to go off with a hitch. And I guess what I'm just trying t get at here is quite simple... 

Ada.... John.... You guys threw it down in a great way! Your bridal party was awesome and your day will always be remembered by so many... Many props coming your way. Here's to a life full of love, laughs and photographs!!!


support it.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

She said yes... Now we wait for the I Do's

Emily & Brian! This is them... This is a wedding day that will surely be awesome! (once it gets here...) They'll say their I Do's in 2011, but till then... Plan Plan Plan.

Why will it be such a great wedding, well, other than the two of them being fun, energetic and happy. The details are sure to rock. And if they weren't before, I guess now I'm putting the pressure on. (just kidding Emily, no pressure) I mean, after working with A Thyme To Cook not only was Emily able to see some great ideas, she was able to help create them. 

And that's actually how we originally met. She wasn't even engaged yet but we chatted for a bit and she grabbed my info... Then, some time after, the engagement happened. However she didn't contact me right away. It wasn't till she was cleaning her car and my card fell out of her visor. And from there, well, it's all good!!!

And like I said, now I just can't wait!!! But alas, I have to. Which is okay too because between now and then I have a bunch of other weddings which will rock as well! Even one of her co-workers... Now if they could only hold their dates down and stop switching them up. HAHAHA! Kidding guys.

So that's them. Brian and Emily, Emily and Brian... Here's to the future wedding with all the fun and details... 

(keep your eyes out for a post about the importance of details - coming soon!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

The new children & young teen arts center in C'ville!

That's right, for those of you in the area, this is the place for your kids! 

Something to help create a new energy in their mind, a new excitement in their days and some fanTABulous pieces of artwork for the home! 

River City Art Center is the new art center opening in September here in Collinsville! My own daughter will be there rockin' out and taking some classes and I can say, with 100% clarity that your children will love it just as much! 

From the toddler to the tweens, there's a class for that child in your heart! Day time, evening. River City Art Center will not only provide some great classes but with it's open schedule will surely have the class to fit your hectic days and give you some well deserved quiet time! (all while the kids learn, explore and release their imagination...) 

I can't say enough about it's owner Kate, but really, there's only one way for you to know for sure. Check it out and know I wouldn't guide you in the wrong direction!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meet Michele and Jason!

So get this... There's a couple from New Jersey, they're a fun couple, full of energy and love... Did I tell you they were from Jersey??? 

So this couple, maybe you'll see the pics and remember they're engagement session down in NYC. Anyway, their wedding day came around and what a day (& night) it was!!!

The location. Awesome place in Vt. The Hildene! It was and still is a Lincoln home... Meaning Abe Lincoln family.

Such a beautiful place looking out over the mountain tops in Southern VT. YES! You heard that right, the Jersey couple rockin' it out in VT!!!

And not only did the venue location rock, but the couple was open to awesome pictures and making them happen. Looking past the heat and humidity to get it done!

Really, the entire wedding party is pretty gosh darn cool! Though maybe we should leave Officer Bill out of that cool group??? HAHA! Just kidding. Even Officer Bill was cool! 

But wedding party aside, it was Michele and Jason that made the day great. Chose an awesome location, carried on with such a great love and energy through the entire day...

Right through the end of the evening with a broken down bus in the backwoods of Vt. It was just an awesome day / evening / night!!! And will surely go down in the fanTABulous record books!!!