Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lauren and Brian in Adventures With Shooting - Collinsville, Ct. Engagement Session by Ct. Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic

[ TAB Photographic ]

When you can embrace adventures, the weather and possibly taking a few more steps than you normally would, well...... It pays off in the end. 

And this is the proof. Sure, we started out inside. That was great and all. But for Brian and Lauren, they were game for anything. So there we went, let's park the cars and hike it through knee deep snow to get to "the shacks".... And what a payoff it was. 

And want to take it one step further, wear the hottest pink sweater you can find. (possibly the brightest in existence.) And yea, it went awesome with our final destination.....

This is just proof that when you push the limit of where you may want to go. When you open your mind to possibilities. There can be great outcomes. And this is sure to be an intro into what will be spectacular wedding day images.

And how will their wedding day go down? With the utmost style and an awesome love.....