Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Because locations make greatness possible.... Engagement Photo Shoot Watch Hill Ri. by TAB Photographic

Normally I can go on and on and write more than I generally need to. However with this post. I'm not going to say a thing. Or at least not much. 

Just a great couple in Watch Hill RI. for the engagement shoot. And their wedding, yea, that will be in Watch Hill too!!! 

Put that camera down and enjoy the couple... No, really. Put it down.....

No, really, put the cameras down. Everyone will benefit. Believe it or not, EVEN YOU! 

As professional photographers, we are hired to capture one of the most special days a couple can have. And while I hate the word "hired" (I hate it because I love what I do and feel more privileged to be invited in, and "hired" makes it sound like a job), in this instance, hired is the perfect word. 

Professional photographers are hired to capture the moments, the laughter, the smiles, the kiss. All of it. You, as a guest were invited into the day to ENJOY it all. What this means is that you're there to be part of the laughter, the smiles and the kiss. (you only get to witness the kiss, no taking part)... 

The couple will receive their photos and unless you completely ruined their day, I'm sure you will not only get to see them but I'm sure you could get copies of any shots you feel are uber important or that you love! At least if you ask in a kind way. 

However........ Some of you, more than I really want to mention, feel that it's important capture moments (or attempt to) for yourself. Some feel as if it's a race to post that photo to Facebook. Or to capture "the kiss" on your iPhone. Or the moment when the bride and groom come back down the isle for the first time as husband and wife. Everyone holding their phones up, their "point and shoots" and more, just hoping to capture that one shot. And in complete honesty, chances are good that it won't come out how you see it (if at all) . 

So instead.... Think about this.

Put the camera down, keep the phone in your pocket (or better yet, in the car). When they kiss, HOOT AND HOLAR for them. When they're coming down the isle as husband and wife, clap, smile, high five... Help bring on even more awesome energy. BUT PLEASE... PLEASE keep the cameras down. We will get those shots. 

Because ya' see... If you decide you need that shot. Things like the above happen. Or those moments where I shake my head because in that (what could be an awesome) shot that I take, 11 different guests are holding up their phones and point and shoots trying to get a shot that they most likely will NEVER do anything with.

Could I have worded this a bit better. HAH! Sure could have, but I'm going to be completely honest here. I don't feel as if I need to word this post any other way. The goal is to simply get the point across. 

Stop... Enjoy the day. Enjoy the moments and know that as the "hired" professionals, we'll capture those special moments. 

The above photos are not from TAB Photographic. They are from other great photographers. I'm not going to post names because the reality is that we don't want to take photos like this. I have plenty of my own but would prefer to leave past couples out of this. Just please, think twice (and if you have to, 3 times) about stepping up, leaning into the isle or hanging that arm out there or above your head to just get a random shot... We've got this!!!