Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Over the past few months I have gotten some of the kindest words from so many people.

"You are OUT OF CONTROL-those pictures are fantastic!!!
I cannot believe it-you were so right about the
walking across the street shot and I love the one with
my shoes and the bouquet!!!!"

"I am so overwhelmed right now from looking at these pictures that I can't seem to turn off the tears. It's not just about Keith, it's about my heritage, my family, Gram and Pop and their legacy and I just can't even begin to thank you enough for capturing the beauty of this family on film. I know beyond a doubt that it is not just your skill that captures moments so profoundly, it's the beauty that lives in you and your heart that comes through in every picture you take."

"Tim--you did such an awesome job. I always believe that there is a reason for everything and that God has a way of working mysteriously. It was by chance that we found you, but I truly think a higher authority had alot to do with it. You are wonderful."

And on... However, what I have heard most is about my dream, and how I am living it. How I am taking what is inside and brought it out to make it a reality. My photography. Honestly, I think this has all grown more than I thought it would in 2007. And now for 2008 I already have shoots booked through out the year. It's a great feeling, No, better than great. It's my dream. I just want you all to stop though, think about your dreams. Can you grab them. Can you take them down from the stars and run with them? It's not easy, you may have to step in directions that aren't comfortable, that take you out of your element... Just look forward and walk. Take those steps one at a time. No one ever said living your dream is easy. It takes work. But when you're there, it's work that happens to be worth every bit. It's you, your dream, your life. So capture it, endure it and live it.

You won't be let down.... At least that's what I've come to realize as a Ct. Wedding and portrait photographer. That every shot is worth it. Capturing the feelings of the day... It is ALLL WORTH IT!

~Shine on~

"Leap And The Net Will Appear..."

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Collinsville, Ct. 06022

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's all in the eyes.

Ct. Wedding Photographer Ct. Portrait photographer Ct. Wedding Photographer
Have you looked someone in the eyes today? I mean really looked at them. Looked with in them? When you were talking to your friends, your co-workers or complete strangers were you looking them in the eye? Were you there with them??? Or what about a simple glance and smile at a passer-by and then watched as their eyes lit up??? If not you should. Tomorrow, do it. Really... If theres one thing I’ve always loved is looking at people. Really looking at them.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy being a
portrait photographer. Because then it’s my job, my career and my passion to capture that energy, those eyes and what lies with in. Maybe it’s the pain, the enjoyment or the love... And the best part is that the eyes don’t even have to be the prominent part of the shot, or even open. It’s the eyes that they say are the window into the soul and I believe it’s true. And that alone is why you can look at someone, look in their eyes and know exactly what they need. And if it’s something you can give, do. It will feel truly wonderful!!!

~Shine on~


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Because it's what I love...

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Yes, it's what I love. Photography...

Being a Ct. Photographer is great. The people are great, the land is great and the history is great. Do you know what's better than being a photographer in Ct.? Being a wedding photographer in Ct.
Some people think I'm crazy because of how much I enjoy shooting weddings. Seriously! They do. I hear the comments about crazy brides, mother in laws and more... You know what though, they're all people and it's a highly stressful situation that can bring the worst and the best out. The worst is so rare though, at least for the weddings I shoot???

Being a Ct. Wedding photographer means more than just taking pictures though. This is a couples big day, it's their day. And I was the one invited into it all. I am, after all, the ONLY person that gets to watch the entire day unfold for both the groom and the bride. And that alone is one of the best feelings, that I was invited in and now it's my job to capture the day, the touches, the smiles and more, that's what I LOVE! Can you tell me what's better than that? Than being a part of their day? A fly on the wall to watch it all unfold and turn it into beautiful art?

That's what being a Wedding photographer is all about. And being in Ct. is great. I want to be THE Ct. wedding photographer and once I'm there, I want to continue to cover the rest of New England. I want the future brides to know that I am there for them where ever they are. Maine, New Hampshire anywhere. I want to be the one to capture their day, I want to be the one that brings them to tears a week or two down the road when they look at the pictures and relive the moments. I want to capture that energy, pull it in and save it for them to capture years down the road.... That's what being a wedding photographer is about for me!

How crazy right? Maybe, but it's great! And it's what I love... And most of all, it's WHO I AM!


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Collinsville, No Seriously, Collinsville...

You know, we all live somewhere. The city, the country, the "burbs"... And for the most part people enjoy where they live, right? Hopefully... Then you have those that live in towns that they love in every possible way. One of those towns happens to be Collinsville. Collinsville, Ct. that is. A tiny town tucked away, seriously tucked away, where people that live a mere 15 minutes away may over look. Unaware that this town happens to be one of the best towns in the world! YES, IN THE WORLD... I don't want to label anyone because I myself don't want a label. I will just call us all creators. We are creating our lives, our own ways of living. From Photography, to music, to art to tattoos... It's who we are. And this past weekend just goes to show that we are COLLINSVILLE!

This little town has been around since the early 1800's and has seen its share of ups and downs...However, recently I believe the energy is really coming alive. Take this past weekend for instance. We had a great Grand Opening, and yes, a town that's been around since the early 1800's can have a Grand Opening... People came, smiles were abundant, hugs were shared, laughs heard everyone and music to bring it all to life. We won't even mention the fire spinners, breathers and eaters... And we won't mention all the great shops that stayed open like Lasalle Market, Rootz Salon, Down Right Music and Arts and so much more!!!

We will just take a minute to reflect on what's possible when we all just put a little heart into it, when everyone takes their guard down and those that live in the 1.8 million dollar houses can co-mingle with those that rent out apartments in town. Where we are all the same yet different. Where kindness can overpower all... That, after all is what life should be about. Sharing, caring and spreading the joy of kindness... So while the above may have made no sense, stop a minute and think about one way you can make a difference... Open that door for a stranger, better yet. Just smile at someone you don't even know. That smile could bring serious joy into someones day. Don't look down, look up. Look at people when they talk, take it in... And again, smile... Smile... SMILE!!!!!! I promise that the smile you share with that one stranger will carry onto the next and through out the day...

Share it all... Enjoy it all!!! And BE IT ALL....