Monday, December 26, 2011

Who Do You Believe Should Receive The Family Portrait

So here's the deal. In my most recent newsletter release I offered a family portrait session to one deserving family. Only thing is that I'm stuck between two. So below are the two cases which were told to me. One by a friend of a family, and the other by a family itself. Ready both, then to the right, there's a poll. You get to make your choice of who you believe should receive it. Family 1 (the first story) or Family 2 (the second story)... Or then there's the 3rd option of choosing I do it for both... Read the post below and then go over to the poll on the right and make your choice!

FAMILY 1: (submitted by a friend)

The _________ Family

because they are eager to help with smile or hand
because they glow in the dark
and skip to giggled rhythms
and longboard through forbidden paths
they know the value of garlic
and a warm fire on a crisp night
they will pick up your daughter and feed her the last of the pie
and have a can of oil for what squeaks

they enjoy a simple pleasure as if it took a lifetime to find it
and they smile like they haven't seen you in a year

some wield bows with hairs from horses
others know how to measure twice
they are fierce in pursuit
and soft upon landing
they can caramelize or ooze
crisp or puree

they ripen a town
and seed time for tomorrow’s fruit
they groove like sonny sitt
and oil rawling mitts
they reheat
and recycle
and shower beneath the moon

they are a fastball and a changeup
a clan and individual
they can break it down and build a house
upon any space before them
they can certainly fill a frame....

FAMILY 2: (submitted by the family itself)
I'd like to nominate my family for your deserving family photo session.  On Nov 13th Of this year (yes, just over a month ago) I brought my Mom to the hospital because I suspected she was having a mild stroke.  At exactly 4pm that day, they told us she had a massive brain tumor...and our lives changed forever.  My Mom, just 63, has always been vibrant, active, independent, and the life of the party.  Since her diagnosis and subsequent craniotomy two days later, she has become flat, dependant and Someone so unlike the Mom I know. She has been living in my home since being released from the hospital.  We go to Hartford everyday for radiation treatments and she takes chemo pills every night.  But the tumor progresses and her memory and abilities have become limited -- even in such a very short time.  After being told she had a prognosis of 12 months when she was first diagnosed, the oncologists now tell me she is more likely to pass within 3 to 6 months.  This all happened so suddenly.  
Mom is living with us and getting to spend lots of time with her granddaughters, but I would like the opportunity to capture our family as we are now, before she is gone.  My brother, Mom and I haven't had a real family portrait together since I was in high school and we have never done an entire family group shot since I had the girls (so done important is always taking the picture).  So I humbly nominate my family for a photo would be an important and touching keepsake.  
Here tumor is called a glioblastoma and while they don't typically classify brain cancers in would be stage IV if they did.

Talk about two completely different nominations right? I'm torn between the two. So go over and make your choice to the right. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Family Session Fun

There's some great family sessions that have been coming around lately and between wrapping up the wedding season and rockin' out portraits, the blog has been a little behind. But be ready, there's going to be a landslide of photography coming your way!!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Help The American Dream....

Do you believe in the American Dream? Does it still exist? Where would we find it? 

Is the American Dream, a dream you have here for this country worth $10? $25? 100? Or more? 

This project is a project I have started and released to the world less than 24 hours ago. Check it out, if you can financially back the project awesome! If not, I totally understand. Just know that however much you donate today, does not actually go toward the project till the goal is met. 

All I'm asking for, while help is part of it, is if you believe in the American Dream and if it's worth finding and seeing what's out there. Photographically speaking. 

Shine on,

Monday, December 5, 2011

Because this precious little love is the outcome of the maternity session below. Okay, maybe not the exact outcome because of the maternity session. That would just be odd. 

I think you get what I'm saying though. She rocked out a great session before she was even born. And now that she's here, she has rocked out another great session all on her own this time!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beautiful Wedding for Kristen & Kurt. Wedding Photography At Harrington Farm in Ma. by Ct. NYC Boston New England and Destination Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic

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So Kristen and Kurt. Kurt and Kristen. These guys pretty much rock! First off, the totally get to rock out their lives working on a great estate out on Nantucket. But that's not what makes them great. 

Part of what makes them great is that they work together, live together and love together 24/7... I don't know many couples that could do that. 

So while this is a mighty long post due to the photos and the videos. I thought it would be fun to throw the whole story in the mix. From engagement through the wedding. 

This session took some time! Not because of that day, more so because we had to schedule and reschedule over and over again due to weather and other situations. So the day finally arrives. I drive to the airport for the short flight to Nantucket and BAM! Aiports closed due to fog. 

So I race to the ferry, catch the high speed across and finally arrive safe and sound. We taken on Nantucket in style. From the trails to the waters edge to the center. Just a great fun engagement photo session if I do say so myself. 

And then comes their wedding day at The Harrington Farm in Princeton Mass. What a great place! Located back in the woods on a great piece of property. Nice pond, great venue, tasty food. And the perfect location for that outdoor on site ceremony!!!!

As you can see, the entire day pretty much rocked. Thanks to these guys, the entire wedding party, the venue and its employees, the florist. The rockin' band!!!

All in all, a great big thanks! 

TAB Photographic

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From start to finish and ceremony to ceremony...

I'm not going to clutter this post with my thoughts (which I have many) and words (which I can easily type many more of).... Instead, I will let the images and slideshows unfold. From the engagement session to the Hindu Ceremony to their Wedding Day..... 


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Your Life - Today...

So the other day I asked a question on my "personal" facebook page and wanted to have the answer to that question come in the form of one word.......

The question: "If you could describe your life, right now, right here, in one word what would it be.... (and be honest).............."

Not an easy question to answer, but a good handful of people out there stepped up and shared their answers. For the most part, in one word. The answers make it quite obvious that most of us aren't in the place we want to be. Be that physical or mental, there may be "things" which we would want to change in order to make that one word answer a bit more........ positive? 

From life being complicated and overwhelmed to frustrated and constantly struggling. All we can do is look forward and know that there will be days that are also sweet and blessed. Or maybe, while I don't prefer to use the past in order to decide the future, we need to look back and remember those days that were fabulous and held many moments that were breathtaking. And in looking back, we need to do so knowing that our lives will hold more days and moments like that in the future. 

When I asked that question, I didn't have an answer. Yup, you heard that right, I didn't have an answer to my very own question. Then the answers started to roll in and I realized that just about every single answer was my answer. From confused to thankful. I could relate to each and every answer. I honestly felt every answer. From being blessed to lacking, I was able to relate. Maybe too easily???

And with some answers, began to think of how I could take myself out of that word and instead turn myself into another. 

And I guess that's the thing. What can each and every one of us do to take us out of our current situation (if it's not the best place to be) and have ourselves, our souls, and in turn those around us, be in a better place. 

Maybe that's not what we need right at this moment. Maybe right at this moment we're in a great place and need not be anywhere else. Well, that's awesome!!! Just keep those moments close, hold them there, because maybe, actually almost for sure, there will be a day in the future when you will need those thoughts to carry you through a day that isn't so spectacular. It's not what I would wish on you, but there's a good chance that a day will come when you just need those happy thoughts.....

Not being so sure where I'm really heading with this, I think it's pretty clear by all these one word answers that make one thing clear, life is surely a roller coaster. I like roller coasters, I like life. Do we like life as a roller coaster? Does it keep things interesting? Does hitting the lows make those highs that much better or would you prefer a flat right??? I guess that's the answer I don't have right now. 

The only answer I do have is that I will continue to try my best. Not get overwhelmed or stressed out so often (because I think saying not getting overwhelmed or stressed at all wouldn't be realistic) and to do things that will only make positive changes each and every day...... 

So I guess, since I still haven't answered the question, it's time and my answer:


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs..... From Apple to Pixar and Back... You will be missed.

This isn't going to be a crazy long post, instead, I will share a commencement speech from 2005 at Stamford where his words ring so true. Obviously, much like each and every one of us, he didn't know what the future would hold, but if you listen to his words and take them in... Maybe you will feel the need to change something or go for something that you now know you should.

I would recommend taking the 15 minutes out of your day to take this in....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Follow Your Dreams - That's All There Is To It.....

Following your dreams. Easier said than done right??? Here's the thing, you can do it.

At times, our lives have set backs. We can become an addict of just about anything. Substances can try to keep us down. Live can try to keep us down. Our own minds can try to keep us down. Getting beyond all of that is the important step.

Below is not only a remarkable artist, but someone who got another chance. And from my point of view, is making the most of it. Sometimes another chance is what someone needs. That chance to give it your everything. No excuses. No other thoughts. Just going for it with your all......

Where does this come from, just the video below. Watching this go down, a single audition on a show that some turn their heads at. I won't lie, I'm not much of a X-Factor viewer, but if the show has anything good that comes out of it, it will be for individuals like this....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's about the 6 month mark - Ct. Farmington Valley Portrait Photographer TAB Photographic Child portraits

Especially for this little one! She's so sweet, and the mother to daughter love is sooooo stinkin' obvious!!!!

So from the maternity session, to the newborn session, now the 6 month session..... AHHH! Can't wait for that one year mark! Surely going to be the sweetest to see that entire first year all lined up!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lauren and Brad, their wedding day photography Inn at Mystic Ct. by TAB Photographic

A beautiful day for a great wedding! That's what it was for Lauren and Brad. Sure, Brad may have been kicked out of his room and wandering the parking lot for an hour, the nerves possibly getting the best of him. However at the same time, his bride to be was taking the day by storm and rockin' it out with her energy unlike any other! 

Another NYC couple means another fun day! From start to finish, these two can and WILL crack you up! And we can't forget about their adopted "child".... But that's for only the special to know about. 

As the day goes on, the heat builds and so does the love. The ability that Lauren and Brad have to crack each other up is what love is all about! And the ability they also have to throw down a party is what this day was all about!!! (you can see just how it goes down in the video below!)

Brad and Lauren picked the Inn At Mystic and I don't think they could have made a better choice for the venue! The food was awesome, the indoor, out door and patio settings were perfect and the staff, laid back and fun, yet attentive and professional!

The rest of their party, OH MY GOSH! Lauren, as she is in a band herself, knows how to pick them! And she sure picked 'em right when she picked the Felix Brown Band! If you're looking for a band to throw down your party or carry your wedding on like no other, CHECK THEM OUT! And if you check out their website you can see other locations they play and if you're in the area, I would say GO! Grab a drink and party it down with Felix Brown!

So yea, in a nutshell, it was another awesome wedding day, with an awesome couple, their awesome friends and family, and of course an awesome photographer. hahah!

And now, as I mentioned in a previous post, the song that brings me back to their night is below.... Why? Well, for this instance, it was because the bride busted it out with the mic. and sang to her new husband this exact song. So now, I can guarantee I will forever be brought back to that night when this song finds it's way into my days.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Embrace it.... Wedding And Engagement Photos in the Rain - Farmington Club - Inn at Woodstock and Ct. locations

Living in New England, and really the country as a whole, can hold such beautiful days. The sun can ride up in the morning with a pleasant fog and set in the evening lighting up the sky with such beautiful colours. All of which can make for some spectacular images! 

But here's the thing. You don't need those "beautiful" days to make images rock! Really, even rainy days can be so beautiful!!!! But there's a key to it all.........

And that key is as simple as embracing it! Embrace the rain, the food that feeds so much of everything on this planet. Embrace the darker sky, the reflections that can be thrown from the ground and everything else that comes with it. 

Sure, maybe you weren't planning on it, or hoping for it. But if you simply embrace it. The beauty is endless!

Where does this all come from, well I've done many shoots in the rain. And here in New England, we've also had our share lately. Much like other parts of the country. And this past weekend, one of the weddings I was invited into, well, it rained on them. Not hard, but hard enough to just bring on a cringe. But no cringe was had. (second image in this post)... Instead, the bride embraced it. Sure, maybe she was prepared because it also rained when we took on their engagement session. But she embraced it enough that she had purchased umbrellas for the bridal party and told them as well to simple "embrace it".....

So what I'm getting at is really quite simple. When something is simply out of your control. All you can do is embrace it. Take what's being thrown at you and make the best of it. And when all is said and done.....

If you embraced it, and did your best, there's nothing anyone can say about the outcome........

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From air to the water to land.....

Yes-yes-yes..... A day that was in the planning for quite some time. The weather, yea, it wasn't on our side. And it seemed like one thing after the other was pushing this shoot off and off and off. But yes, yes, yes. It finally happened! 

Though even that day, the weather was playing it's game. Getting to the airport for the 11:30 flight over to the island. And what's that, Nantucket air ports are shut down due to fog. Really didn't surprise me. High tailed it down to the high speed ferry for the hour ride over.

And the fog continued to build. I have to admit, I didn't mind NOT being in the air and trying to land with no visibility. 

I have to say, one we started shooting, it continued to roll on with style. From the woods of nantucket, to the water, to the waves to the towns. The shoot rolled on and on and I have to admit, it was a great time!

These two rock and I'm sure their wedding day will be pure bliss!!!! Honestly, I can't wait!!

So as the time will draw near, the plans will be planned, one thing is for sure. The day will go down in style!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

That's the impression that I get...

The impression, Oh, what an impression that it is. 

For Gina and JJ it was a night like no other. An entire day actually!!!

The weather was a beautiful spring day. The smiles were abundant. From our first meeting, I just knew that these two were awesome! And after their wedding day, I look back and know that I wasn't just spot on. I may have even been a little lacking with my thoughts. Because after the day, it became obvious that both their families, friends and entire wedding party is pretty darn awesome too!!!

And like many of my TAB couples, they're willing to just go along with it and make it happen and in doing so make it great!!!

I just know that from the colour changing center pieces to the hunt for all the keys (which I know also hunt for) it was a great experience for these two. And for Gina and JJ, we know you guys are just going to rock out each and every day together!!!

So with a throw down of a party, and the brightest of days, I look back and know that every moment was magical....

And then came the time of the evening when I begin to pack up. But if you want me to stick around, throw on some Bosstones or just about any other fun ska'ish music and I won't be going anywhere! Especially with you've got all this energy coming down from the Boston area as it is!!! 

So for this wedding, when I think back to Gina and JJ... It's the impression that I get which sums it all up......

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where it's at.....

Some would hear "where it's at"... And there mind would probably think "I got two turn tables and a microphone......" Understandable too, I mean this is my post and I'm thinking it. For those of you that don't, I'm sorry, but you're missing a great song. Okay, back on track now. 

Where it's at... In all honesty, it's at Collinsville. Small town New England living at it's best. We've got it all and I LOVE IT!!! 

This all stems from the Jamboree (a small town carnival in small town America) the other night. I simply love living in New England. I ain't going anywhere. I enjoy knowing so many that I see and enjoy them knowing me. That "we" (those of us that live in these parts) can run into so many smiling faces, everyone enjoying the evening as the kids frolic around and run from ride to ride, game to game. Wrapping up the evening with a fireworks show that just entrances me as the lights fill the sky and the echoes run up the river. Is it the most extravagant fireworks show I've seen, nah, but it still tops the list!

Small town living at it's finest! And there's no reason not to just smile, knowing that Collinsville is......

Where it's at. I got two turn tables and a microphone...............................

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lighthouse Point in New Haven by TAB Photographic Ct. Wedding Photographers

The wedding season is surely under way! And I LOVE IT!!! With that, comes many more teasers, posts and more. But these shots below strike a fun chord. Not only because Melissa and Scott are a great couple, but because Light House Point will have 3 weddings this year and it's such a great location because each one of those weddings will be completely different at the same location!!!

Some great decor rocked the building by Stems Flower Design ( and the shell theme was such a perfect fit!!!

And of course the lighthouse is part of the greatness...

But the carousel surely helps rock out the greatness!!!

So if it's a location that you can make unique to your day Light House Point in New Haven is surely a great choice!!!!

And the Cotton Candy. Well that's just an added benefit. ;)

And to wrap this post up, I want to share the below video / song. It's a great one for sure!!! Why am I sharing it, because I've realized that every wedding I shoot, there's a song that will bring me back to that certain wedding. Sometimes it's "their" song that was maybe to the first dance, other times not... But for Melissa and Scott, it was their first dance and is one of my favorite songs!!!! Like ever!