Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mans Best Friend

As a photographer, and I believe this goes for any of us, we have shoots that at times don't really catch our interest, while at other times we can't wait to get the camera into our hands. And then there are times when you're not quite sure what to expect. Like shooting all the employees of a company. You're in a position where you have a very limited amount of time to interact, break down a barrier and capture the moments. And to add a little more to the mix is all the employees and their pets. And that's what I recently did for a local Vet Hospital. Roaring Brook Animal Hospital in Canton, Ct. to be exact.
So as it begins - I do what I do, I capture the shots. And then I slowly began to realize how close we all are to our furry friends. How the energy between us and the four legged ones is something that can not be compared to anything in the world. The comfort, the love, the friendship and more. So I sit and think about how at certain times, and I'm sure this is true for many, we will get frustrated with these friends because all they want is love and all we want is sleep, relaxation time or the need to get something done.
Maybe they trip up your feet while you're trying to cook, maybe they try to sneak out the door because they don't want to be left alone or maybe they wine because they just want to be touched. There are so many things that they need much like ourselves.
Love, friendship and caring. Touches, smiles and kisses.
The shoot with all the employees and their pets at Roaring Brook brought so much light back into it. The certain glow that comes from holding our companions, or getting that slobbery lick across the face. I guess what I'm getting at in my own head is that they need us just as much as we need them. When we need to relax maybe they know that which is why they come over. Maybe they know better than us?
I believe I read some where that petting a furry four legged friend can even bring your blood pressure down and become a healing touch? Maybe next time you're sitting there and your companion is at your feet you'll reach down and give that belly a rub... Or pat him/her on the head and just look into their eyes. Or maybe... Just maybe, you'll reach down, scoop them up and pull them close.
Because there's one thing I know for sure.
Falling into an afternoon nap with that friend pulled close is something that is surely priceless...


Oberon said...

.......when i saw the title, mans best friend......i was hoping to see

Paul Bernard said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Nice pics, by the way.