Friday, December 19, 2008

Weather The Storm....

May of us in New England are getting ready to do just that, weather the storm. And while we're preparing to be smacked, whacked, whammed and smashed by the storm, there are those that have already gone through the worst of it and are just fine.

So here comes the first snow storm of the season. The first real storm of the season.

I know that for us, word on the street is that we'll see anywhere from 9-14 inches. Not bad. No schools are open, people calling into work and well, just getting ready to weather the storm.

For the most part, each and every one of us is going to pull through with out any issues at all. We're going to watch the white stuff pile up into the night, get under the warm covers and wake up to that wonderful blue sky in the morning. You know the sky I'm talking about. The contrast against the white, the sun reflecting on the snow like diamonds. So darn beautiful. Especially in Collinsville, the river rushing through town, the hills and all the wild life coming back out from their dens...

Now look at all of that.

Quite simply, we weathered the storm. We prepared and handled each and every part the best we could and on the back side of the storm is pure beauty... And that's something to look a little deeper into. Take what you see and keep it close. Because it's that - right there that you can use in the future. When things get rough, there's a loss, an accident, a little low spot. It's the preparation and the steps you can take to help yourself get through. And when you have taken all the steps you can muster, maybe you've run out of steam, and you just don't think there's anywhere else to go... Well, call a friend, climb under those covers, maybe watch a movie, get some sleep and know that you've done everything you can to weather that storm.

And keep all of that in mind, knowing that there is beauty on the back side. Know that you'll get through it in all good time. There may always be a lingering effect or two and that's okay. Let it go. Look around at what you've accomplished and be proud for that YOU have weathered the storm...

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