Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coming up...

Coming up, shots from portraits, dog portraits and some wedding teases. A post about a great climb up Mt. Greylock and more. But for now, we'll share another post from a great book filled with some helpful and some hilarious tips.. From the worst case scenario survival handbook: weddings...

How to survive if the flowers don't arrive.

1: Use fruit, stack seasonal fruits in glass vases: cherries and naval oranges for spring weddings, strawberries and blueberries for summer, apples for autumn, or holly and pinecones for winter.

2: Borrow flowers, good hotels will have beautiful, ornate floral arrangements in the lobby area, in public spaces and sitting areas, and in the bar/restaurant. Dressed in your wedding attire, approach the manager and explain your situation. Tip Generously.

3: Borrow from another wedding in the hotel or reception hall. Ask someone in the other wedding party if you can use flowers from that wedding. Do not be choosey - don't decline some arrangements because the colours are wrong or you don't like them. And don't approach the bride or groom, since they will likely be busy.

4: Know on neighbors doors. Explain your situation to people in nearby houses. Ask to borrow flowers from their gardens and construct bouquets and small arrangements.

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