Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What it comes down to...

Is really quite simple. Business is rocking and that's super great! The one down side, the blogs are not being updated as much as I would like. And starting today, I'm going to change that. I enjoy the blog side of things, I enjoy sharing some teasers, news, ideas or more. So starting today, I promise to blog it up!!! 

Coming soon: Some teasers for Amanda and Cooper, Collette and Rocco and more! Why have things been so crazy, some awesome weddings, some great engagement shoots, fun head shots, portraits, and the newest of new news.... The Studio!!! Currently being opened in Collinsville with a storefront and a great location! The studio itself is going to be great. (After many hours of work, many more paint strokes and some great energy!) The high 11 foot ceilings, the rustic hard wood floors, the view of the river... It's going to be great!

Coming right now, those ladies getting married should check this out! One of the links is for that great garter. Not just a garter from Davids Bridal but a company that makes a garter like no other. Something special, maybe blue and new all in one shot! And they really are fancy. Why not wear it more than just on a wedding day? Might be a fun trend to bring back. :o)

The other link I want to share today is for some great jewelry. Custom made and never the same. Why? because your brides maids / maid of honor deserve that special something... And this, these, are so awesome!!! And for the guys reading, the lady in your life would LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Till next time, enjoy guys and girls!!!!

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