Friday, October 8, 2010

Do you know?.?.

Do you know where you are on your journey? Can you know??? 

Right now, as many of you know with booking me / TAB Photographic for your photography needs that I'm pretty booked up. That's now what this post is about, but instead, about my journey and in turn, possibly yours....

See, I don't know where I am on my journey. What I do know is that at times I feel, or should I say have felt, that I haven't really sat back and looked at just how great this journey is. Well that's about to stop. Creating images, capturing each soul that I'm lucky enough to have in front of the lens, each tear smile and sigh... From weddings to newborns & children to the furry ones.... This journey, my journey is a pretty darn good one! Great even!!!!

That being said, while we may not always know where we are on our journey.... We can, and should always take a step back and enjoy this exact journey we're each individually on. It may not always feel as if it's the perfect journey, but one thing's for sure... It's ours to make!!! 

Shine on!

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