Monday, July 11, 2011

Lauren and Brad, their wedding day photography Inn at Mystic Ct. by TAB Photographic

A beautiful day for a great wedding! That's what it was for Lauren and Brad. Sure, Brad may have been kicked out of his room and wandering the parking lot for an hour, the nerves possibly getting the best of him. However at the same time, his bride to be was taking the day by storm and rockin' it out with her energy unlike any other! 

Another NYC couple means another fun day! From start to finish, these two can and WILL crack you up! And we can't forget about their adopted "child".... But that's for only the special to know about. 

As the day goes on, the heat builds and so does the love. The ability that Lauren and Brad have to crack each other up is what love is all about! And the ability they also have to throw down a party is what this day was all about!!! (you can see just how it goes down in the video below!)

Brad and Lauren picked the Inn At Mystic and I don't think they could have made a better choice for the venue! The food was awesome, the indoor, out door and patio settings were perfect and the staff, laid back and fun, yet attentive and professional!

The rest of their party, OH MY GOSH! Lauren, as she is in a band herself, knows how to pick them! And she sure picked 'em right when she picked the Felix Brown Band! If you're looking for a band to throw down your party or carry your wedding on like no other, CHECK THEM OUT! And if you check out their website you can see other locations they play and if you're in the area, I would say GO! Grab a drink and party it down with Felix Brown!

So yea, in a nutshell, it was another awesome wedding day, with an awesome couple, their awesome friends and family, and of course an awesome photographer. hahah!

And now, as I mentioned in a previous post, the song that brings me back to their night is below.... Why? Well, for this instance, it was because the bride busted it out with the mic. and sang to her new husband this exact song. So now, I can guarantee I will forever be brought back to that night when this song finds it's way into my days.


The Perpetual Student said...

What a fun-filled, buoyant wedding!! And what a beautiful, joyful bride! More amazing work, Tim - some of these brought tears to my eyes and I am so not involved, just creepin' on the blog haha. Congratulations!

The Perpetual Student said...
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