Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beautiful Wedding for Kristen & Kurt. Wedding Photography At Harrington Farm in Ma. by Ct. NYC Boston New England and Destination Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic

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So Kristen and Kurt. Kurt and Kristen. These guys pretty much rock! First off, the totally get to rock out their lives working on a great estate out on Nantucket. But that's not what makes them great. 

Part of what makes them great is that they work together, live together and love together 24/7... I don't know many couples that could do that. 

So while this is a mighty long post due to the photos and the videos. I thought it would be fun to throw the whole story in the mix. From engagement through the wedding. 

This session took some time! Not because of that day, more so because we had to schedule and reschedule over and over again due to weather and other situations. So the day finally arrives. I drive to the airport for the short flight to Nantucket and BAM! Aiports closed due to fog. 

So I race to the ferry, catch the high speed across and finally arrive safe and sound. We taken on Nantucket in style. From the trails to the waters edge to the center. Just a great fun engagement photo session if I do say so myself. 

And then comes their wedding day at The Harrington Farm in Princeton Mass. What a great place! Located back in the woods on a great piece of property. Nice pond, great venue, tasty food. And the perfect location for that outdoor on site ceremony!!!!

As you can see, the entire day pretty much rocked. Thanks to these guys, the entire wedding party, the venue and its employees, the florist. The rockin' band!!!

All in all, a great big thanks! 

TAB Photographic

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Lara Beck said...

Great pics as always!