Monday, December 26, 2011

Who Do You Believe Should Receive The Family Portrait

So here's the deal. In my most recent newsletter release I offered a family portrait session to one deserving family. Only thing is that I'm stuck between two. So below are the two cases which were told to me. One by a friend of a family, and the other by a family itself. Ready both, then to the right, there's a poll. You get to make your choice of who you believe should receive it. Family 1 (the first story) or Family 2 (the second story)... Or then there's the 3rd option of choosing I do it for both... Read the post below and then go over to the poll on the right and make your choice!

FAMILY 1: (submitted by a friend)

The _________ Family

because they are eager to help with smile or hand
because they glow in the dark
and skip to giggled rhythms
and longboard through forbidden paths
they know the value of garlic
and a warm fire on a crisp night
they will pick up your daughter and feed her the last of the pie
and have a can of oil for what squeaks

they enjoy a simple pleasure as if it took a lifetime to find it
and they smile like they haven't seen you in a year

some wield bows with hairs from horses
others know how to measure twice
they are fierce in pursuit
and soft upon landing
they can caramelize or ooze
crisp or puree

they ripen a town
and seed time for tomorrow’s fruit
they groove like sonny sitt
and oil rawling mitts
they reheat
and recycle
and shower beneath the moon

they are a fastball and a changeup
a clan and individual
they can break it down and build a house
upon any space before them
they can certainly fill a frame....

FAMILY 2: (submitted by the family itself)
I'd like to nominate my family for your deserving family photo session.  On Nov 13th Of this year (yes, just over a month ago) I brought my Mom to the hospital because I suspected she was having a mild stroke.  At exactly 4pm that day, they told us she had a massive brain tumor...and our lives changed forever.  My Mom, just 63, has always been vibrant, active, independent, and the life of the party.  Since her diagnosis and subsequent craniotomy two days later, she has become flat, dependant and Someone so unlike the Mom I know. She has been living in my home since being released from the hospital.  We go to Hartford everyday for radiation treatments and she takes chemo pills every night.  But the tumor progresses and her memory and abilities have become limited -- even in such a very short time.  After being told she had a prognosis of 12 months when she was first diagnosed, the oncologists now tell me she is more likely to pass within 3 to 6 months.  This all happened so suddenly.  
Mom is living with us and getting to spend lots of time with her granddaughters, but I would like the opportunity to capture our family as we are now, before she is gone.  My brother, Mom and I haven't had a real family portrait together since I was in high school and we have never done an entire family group shot since I had the girls (so done important is always taking the picture).  So I humbly nominate my family for a photo would be an important and touching keepsake.  
Here tumor is called a glioblastoma and while they don't typically classify brain cancers in would be stage IV if they did.

Talk about two completely different nominations right? I'm torn between the two. So go over and make your choice to the right. 

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