Monday, April 9, 2012

Nick and Melissa - Engagement Session At Harkness Memorial Park Wedding Day Coming Soon! by TAB Photographic

So in 2010, May 5th or possibly June 4th (depending on who you ask) there were these two kids... Melissa (the girl) and Nick (the boy)... In case you couldn't tell the difference. 

From what Melissa says, they met in her dreams. That's an unfortunate part of their story since the reality of that dream was Bleachers in Bristol. I wish I could say it was a fabulous place, this Bleachers. However, for any of you that know the area, it's sort of anything but. I mean, it's not all that bad. (is any dive bar really "all that bad") But it's surely not all that great. However, on this night, this dive was the place dreams are made of. Or at least made in. 

Thanks to a friend and a band, Hearts and Thieves - these two young hip kids found each other. I'm sure Nick broke into some stellar dance moves and Melissa stepped further away, unsure of what he would do next. (or just making sure she wasn't seen with him???) But really, after this awesome night, it was time to make a move. Nick stepped up, called Melissa and asked her about shoes. Shoes??? Really Nick? haha 

I'm sure Nick was on cloud 9 from that day on. What he doesn't know is that Melissa's just keeping him around for kicks... Dragging him by his coat tails, or at times his tie......  Though at times, Nick makes sure he has the upper hand. Trying to control her at every chance and in any way.... She plays along and obviously holds the upper hand at all times.  

So while Nick attempts to turn this life of theirs into song and dance, Melissa will cringe with happiness and love. (Nick believes that these songs are made up together, obvious denial haha) Since they both enjoy music and live entertainment, she accepts his singing. Understanding that boredom is obviously something these two will never have to worry about. 

And now that they have both agreed that they love each other... Or in their own words "I think...." with the reply of "I know, me too"........ No one will ever tear them apart.  

They will grow old, very very very old together, counting their wrinkles long into their warm afternoons on the porch. Their silliness will conquer all and the 7 children and 4 dogs which Melissa says she wants will surely take care of them in their old age. 

If one thing is clear, it's that they are surely...... Better together.

Some (or most) of this story may not be an exact description of their lives together. There may, quite possibly be fictitious pieces thrown into the mix... but it's all good. After all, they love each other.... 

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