Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The People In The Person

Sure, I've said it before... But honestly, I think I could go on much much more... About why I love it. Honestly love it. Capturing the true soul. The individual... I'm not saying that the shot above is all this person is. That she is just a soul that sits in a chair... On the contrary...

She is much much more. The music in her life, her friends, her mates, her family... but scroll back up. Take a minute and scroll back up... Look at her eyes, look into her eyes, look at her face, her posture... And more... Take it what she has to say. Do you see it, can you feel it? Really. I want to know. Is it just me or is there more there.

Or what about the shot below. Do we believe that all engagement shoots need to be so pretty. What about capturing the true people in those shots as well. You know, all couples are not always shining with love. Sometimes there is more there. This shot below has more. Don't get me wrong, they love each other, and while this shoot was taking place there were surely some great moments, some hugs some kisses. But there were also shots like this one. I feel like this is more about who they are. Comfortable together, and comfortable apart. Sharing the moments and letting each shine alone. Does that make sense or am I just going off on my own little tangent??? Who knows... What I do know, is that yes, I love being a photographer....


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