Tuesday, December 18, 2007

There is, quite possibly, nothing better than capturing a moment when the indvidual becomes just that, Their own individual.

In general, people walk into the studio with a front, preconceived notions about how everything will be... What I love, is that in a matter of minutes, a new ease comes over them. They realise they won't be sitting on a fake swing and smiling over their shoulder. They realise there will be no "made up" moments. Because for me, that's not taking portraits. Sure, it's taking pictures, but not true portraits.

For me, a true portrait means capturing the true soul, the real energy with in each of us.

Take for instance the picture above. This shot, was just what you see. The young child had a tea cup that she was playing with, another person in the studio was going to take it away, but this one little cup let her be who she is. And not only who she is, but also who he is. Her father, her caring, loving father that will, for a moment, let his guard down and hear the world inside that little tea cup... That is, for me, what taking portraits is all about...

That is why, I love, yes I love, WHAT I DO!

~ Dwell in possibility ~

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