Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paula And Matt, June 21st 2008

There's something about flying from Ct. to Oregon to shoot a wedding. Maybe it's just a new place, far away from everything my camera currently knows? Maybe it's flying out and the entire experience? Or maybe it's the fact that the wedding was a wedding like no other. On a beautiful farm, under this marvelous, old, huge tree that protects all underneath it. The beautiful weather, the blue sky, the mountains in the distance and to pull it all together, square dancing, plenty of smiles and a rooster. 

And on a slightly more serious note, this day for for Matt and Paula was like no other. Why? because it was theirs. Their day to start a new "thing". A new thing together. A future that they will share on the Washougal river, in NW Washougal Rd, in their new house which will be nothing less than perfect. Unless of course the rooster from the farm that decided to chase me shows up on their property. In which case they had best get some ear plugs. Just know that the entire trip to Oregon and back was nothing less than a great adventure!!!! Goes to show that weddings are worth the travel!!!

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