Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tanya & Brian and the looming rain...

What can you say about Tanya and Brian. From the e-mails to the first visit I felt like the right connection, that one you need when shooting a wedding, was there. And then hearing that Tanya was a dead head of course brought it all together even more. Of course Brians musical tastes don’t go hand and hand but it’s all good. Although, as much as he would like to deny, half of her dead collection is now his. BUT NO BRIAN, THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN PUT IT ON EBAY!!!

So their day, arriving at the house, what can you say, a good handful of people wanted to make sure they too got ready at their house. Such a great place snuggled in the woods. A beautiful new addition and some furniture that many would long for. Myself being one. And how Brian built it I have no clue but if I could borrow some of that talent and never give it back I would. The dress, full of detail and of course, with some certain style I seem to drag along with myself I steal the dress. Outside maybe??? YOU KNOW IT! 

Coming in because of the looming darkness over head... Rain... Rain.... Rain... Where is it, when will it come, will it show up at all? The weather channel will tell all.... Okay, maybe the weather channel will tell nothing!!! Plan B is on, the rain is coming... No, plan A, back on, no rain... no plan b, no plan A... Thankfully for all, plan A was the one to stick with. A beautiful spot down by the lake. The cabins where some will spend the night, a beautiful gazebo for the ceremony and well, a rock to which I will almost slip off of and fall on my ass while taking a shot. HAH! Only one person saw. And no comments are needed!!! LOL....

Group shots, by the lake, all good and easy. In out in and out. Of course Tanya making sure everyone knew who was taking the pictures helped... “EVERYONE LISTEN TO THE TIM IN THE STRIPED SHIRT! AND DO WHAT HE SAYS!” Pure greatness Tanya pure greatness!!!

Up to the reception site. What a great choice, simple, fun, relaxed. That’s the way to go with out a doubt. Music jammin’ from the porch, musicians truly everywhere. Laughs, smiles, good eats, great live music... The smiles were abundant and that friends, is what a wedding is all about. Relaxing smiles from all around... Even if all around means straight from Italy... Yes, from italy to Lyme Ct. to share in a new chapter of both, Tanya and Brian... Congrats!!!!

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