Wednesday, September 17, 2008

those damn cake toppers!!!

Yes, those damn cake toppers! Quite honestly, some people like 'em, others don't. Really it's like licorice, you either love it or hate it!
I think cake toppers may be in the same boat. However I also need to say that going to wedding after wedding, which I love to do, it's nice to see personal touches. From the words in the ceremony to the cake, personal touches make it all your own. And what I've found is that one of the most wonderful is obviously the cake! From unique styles that may be strewn with twigs, to the most elegant with intricate designs and layered ribbons... To... well... The cake toppers...
Sure, I could show picture upon picture of cakes. Really, if you want to see those just go to my photography site and look into the gallery area, here I just had to throw down some of my favorite toppers. Why??? Quite honestly because they make me chuckle... Come on, you can't tell me some of them aren't funny. Possibly a tad serious, but funny all the same....

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