Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Allyson, John, Saratoga National Country Club and 2010!

January 2010, and the wedding season for me (TAB Photographic) has already begun! Soooo incredibly great because one thing I realized in the middle of this wedding day for Allyson and John is just how much I love what I do! It's something I always knew, but I didn't know how much I missed it over the past month and half away from the world of weddings.

So, now, looking down the first set of shots you see are barns. What gives, you're shooting a wedding. Well, I enjoy checking out the area pre-wedding. Winding down or should I say up for the day??? And this part of New York, Saratoga Springs. While it's surely about the horse racing world, there are sooo many great barns!!! Barns here and barns there. And here, just a couple samples of the barns to be had!

However I wasn't there to shoot barns. I was there to shoot a wonderful day as it unfolds...

Allyson, as cool as a cucumber... What ever that means. HAH!.... Full of smiles, possibly the random tear. But when it comes down to it, pretty darn calm coming from this bride!!!

And what makes a bride cooler than an ice cream sunday bar at her wedding. Something Allyson has dreamed of since she was a little girl. And if there's ever a day for dreams to become reality, a wedding day is surely it!!!

The flowers were just great (Jordan Baker - really did rock it out! Elegant, classy but fun and beautiful... Some say flowers can't ever go wrong... But let me tell you, they can. But Jordan Baker and Heaven Scent Floral... Nope, nothing wrong there at all. They truly were beautiful!!!

The "I'do's" took place at Saratoga National Golf Course. A beautiful place!!! The details, the artwork, the staff. Everything was great and it showed in the smiles from everyone invited into their day!

Of course you CAN NOT forget about the bride and groom! The smiles and laughs that they share are just awesome! From the first time I met these two it showed that they truly were a perfect fit. And their smiles are sooooooo contagious! Maybe that can bottle them up and market them???? 

What it came down to, this dream day which became a reality went off with out a hitch. Other than Allyson and John Hitching up of course. The food, great, the music, kept the party rockin' and the energy??? SO INCREDIBLY HIGH!!!! I guess it's all part of why I love what I do!!!

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