Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Love is...

Love isn't always the most graceful of things. Sometimes it has it's ups and it has it's downs... But one thing is for sure, love is simple....

The below words are from a toast where the maid of honor had her students (elementary kids) answer a simple but not so simple question for her... The question? "Love is __________" ( I think I need to make that a facebook status update?)


Love Is Simple

Love is fun
Love is hugs
Love is when you kiss all the time
Love is sharing a hotdog and cheese fries
Love Is Simple

Love is patience
Love is listening
Love is saying you’re sorry
Love is wearing deodorant on a date
Love Is Simple

Love is kindness
Love is friendship
Love is not about stuff, but maybe giving her the credit card once in awhile to buy new shoes.
Love Is Simple

Love is smiling
Love is laughing
Love is holding hands
Love is taking out the garbage w/out being asked
Love is changing the toilet paper roll
Love is Simple

Love is feeding the dogs
Love is trust
Love is respect
Love is letting him go hunting whenever he wants.
Love Is Simple

Love is adventure
Love is butterflies in your stomach
Love is winking at each other
Love is watching a movie together
Love is saying I love you a lot. So don’t forget.
Love Is So Simple..So Try It!

The teasers from their day... 

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