Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meet Michele and Jason!

So get this... There's a couple from New Jersey, they're a fun couple, full of energy and love... Did I tell you they were from Jersey??? 

So this couple, maybe you'll see the pics and remember they're engagement session down in NYC. Anyway, their wedding day came around and what a day (& night) it was!!!

The location. Awesome place in Vt. The Hildene! It was and still is a Lincoln home... Meaning Abe Lincoln family. http://www.hildene.org/

Such a beautiful place looking out over the mountain tops in Southern VT. YES! You heard that right, the Jersey couple rockin' it out in VT!!!

And not only did the venue location rock, but the couple was open to awesome pictures and making them happen. Looking past the heat and humidity to get it done!

Really, the entire wedding party is pretty gosh darn cool! Though maybe we should leave Officer Bill out of that cool group??? HAHA! Just kidding. Even Officer Bill was cool! 

But wedding party aside, it was Michele and Jason that made the day great. Chose an awesome location, carried on with such a great love and energy through the entire day...

Right through the end of the evening with a broken down bus in the backwoods of Vt. It was just an awesome day / evening / night!!! And will surely go down in the fanTABulous record books!!!

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