Thursday, August 12, 2010

She said yes... Now we wait for the I Do's

Emily & Brian! This is them... This is a wedding day that will surely be awesome! (once it gets here...) They'll say their I Do's in 2011, but till then... Plan Plan Plan.

Why will it be such a great wedding, well, other than the two of them being fun, energetic and happy. The details are sure to rock. And if they weren't before, I guess now I'm putting the pressure on. (just kidding Emily, no pressure) I mean, after working with A Thyme To Cook not only was Emily able to see some great ideas, she was able to help create them. 

And that's actually how we originally met. She wasn't even engaged yet but we chatted for a bit and she grabbed my info... Then, some time after, the engagement happened. However she didn't contact me right away. It wasn't till she was cleaning her car and my card fell out of her visor. And from there, well, it's all good!!!

And like I said, now I just can't wait!!! But alas, I have to. Which is okay too because between now and then I have a bunch of other weddings which will rock as well! Even one of her co-workers... Now if they could only hold their dates down and stop switching them up. HAHAHA! Kidding guys.

So that's them. Brian and Emily, Emily and Brian... Here's to the future wedding with all the fun and details... 

(keep your eyes out for a post about the importance of details - coming soon!)

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Growing Up...Slowly said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA I swear to God, Tim, NO MORE DATE CHANGES!! You've been a saint, thank you! :-P:-P