Friday, December 31, 2010

Stop making excuses...

As 2010 comes to a rapid close (at least for me), there are so many thoughts I could share, or since you're sitting hear reading, force upon your eyes. Though I won't. I'll stick to one simple thought. One simple statement. 


As 2011 throws itself in our faces, stop making excuses! Just stop! There useless. 

Excuses do no good. 

They easily place blame, they stop you in your footsteps from taking that next step, they hold you back in life, they slow you down.

Instead, look at everything how it is, don't hold back, don't make crap up. Pick a direction, make a goal, decide what YOU need to do and do it. That's it. Just make it happen. I know it's easier said than done, right? Say you want to begin a new career. It's easy to say, "oh, it will cost this", or "Oh, I don't have the free time", "I can't balance all that"... Well you know what, you can, you do, and money is just money and if you want to reach your goal you get it. Nothing can stop you.

At the same time, when things aren't going as planned. That's okay, Take the proper steps to straighten yourself out. It happens to all of us. There's not one person in this world, "powerful" or not, that hasn't fallen down at some point in time. It's just about how you get back up. How you brush yourself off, and how you learn from the fall...

You may be wondering where this comes from. Quite simply, a visit to the ER. A little over a week ago, I ended up in the ER. 

After 13 hours of tear jerking pain I finally went into that damn ER. And what did they do?, they took the pain away. Sure, while they were at it they took my gall bladder away as well. But you know what, if I didn't make excuses for what the pain was, if I didn't try to play it off, if I had just looked it in the face and said I need to take care of this now. I would have been in pain for only a couple hours. The surgery would have happened sooner, and I would have recovered that much sooner. Because it was, in a way, my body falling down. And you know what, I had to ask for help all at the same time. And if I learned one thing. It was not to make excuses. 

Take the moments that are happening and do the right thing. Follow your heart, follow your mind, chase your goals and when needed, ask for help....

But most importantly. Instead of making excuses, use that energy to move on, grab hold of your dream and make it reality....

And most of all....... Shine on into 2011!!!!

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