Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time to unplug your wedding???

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Now's the time, and this IS the wagon to jump onto....

That's right, maybe it's time to finally unplug at your wedding. I've written about it before and I'll probably write about it again. It's been a bit over the top lately. From bridesmaids posting images of the getting ready on instagram, twitter, facebook and the likes. And all of a sudden, a groom who's not supposed to see his soon to be wife sneaks those peeks. 

Of course we could also talk about the ceremony. Before the ceremony, instead of people sharing their greetings with those around them and talking about the day as it begins, they look down at their phone, checking scores, posting about their mornings and the likes... And of course, the random phones, cameras and recently, even iPads being held in the air trying to get that shot which they will never do anything with. Maybe it's a race to see who can be the instagram wedding shot. The bride kiss and strut their newly-wed stuff back down the isle only to see 237 phones being held up in their faces instead of seeing the smiles of all their friends and family.... 

So maybe it's time, maybe it's finally time to do your wedding a HUGE favor and have your guests unplug and instead of being elsewhere online, actually BE at your wedding... Not to mention, you'll get even awesome'er photos from your professional photographer (hopefully that's me) with just the two of you, your wedding party and guests with out the random hands holding pieces of electronics up in the air..... 

Here's an article that may help out just that little bit more. But it's surely something to think about. 

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