Thursday, October 11, 2007

Because it's what I love...

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Yes, it's what I love. Photography...

Being a Ct. Photographer is great. The people are great, the land is great and the history is great. Do you know what's better than being a photographer in Ct.? Being a wedding photographer in Ct.
Some people think I'm crazy because of how much I enjoy shooting weddings. Seriously! They do. I hear the comments about crazy brides, mother in laws and more... You know what though, they're all people and it's a highly stressful situation that can bring the worst and the best out. The worst is so rare though, at least for the weddings I shoot???

Being a Ct. Wedding photographer means more than just taking pictures though. This is a couples big day, it's their day. And I was the one invited into it all. I am, after all, the ONLY person that gets to watch the entire day unfold for both the groom and the bride. And that alone is one of the best feelings, that I was invited in and now it's my job to capture the day, the touches, the smiles and more, that's what I LOVE! Can you tell me what's better than that? Than being a part of their day? A fly on the wall to watch it all unfold and turn it into beautiful art?

That's what being a Wedding photographer is all about. And being in Ct. is great. I want to be THE Ct. wedding photographer and once I'm there, I want to continue to cover the rest of New England. I want the future brides to know that I am there for them where ever they are. Maine, New Hampshire anywhere. I want to be the one to capture their day, I want to be the one that brings them to tears a week or two down the road when they look at the pictures and relive the moments. I want to capture that energy, pull it in and save it for them to capture years down the road.... That's what being a wedding photographer is about for me!

How crazy right? Maybe, but it's great! And it's what I love... And most of all, it's WHO I AM!


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