Friday, October 12, 2007

It's all in the eyes.

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Have you looked someone in the eyes today? I mean really looked at them. Looked with in them? When you were talking to your friends, your co-workers or complete strangers were you looking them in the eye? Were you there with them??? Or what about a simple glance and smile at a passer-by and then watched as their eyes lit up??? If not you should. Tomorrow, do it. Really... If theres one thing I’ve always loved is looking at people. Really looking at them.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy being a
portrait photographer. Because then it’s my job, my career and my passion to capture that energy, those eyes and what lies with in. Maybe it’s the pain, the enjoyment or the love... And the best part is that the eyes don’t even have to be the prominent part of the shot, or even open. It’s the eyes that they say are the window into the soul and I believe it’s true. And that alone is why you can look at someone, look in their eyes and know exactly what they need. And if it’s something you can give, do. It will feel truly wonderful!!!

~Shine on~


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