Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Over the past few months I have gotten some of the kindest words from so many people.

"You are OUT OF CONTROL-those pictures are fantastic!!!
I cannot believe it-you were so right about the
walking across the street shot and I love the one with
my shoes and the bouquet!!!!"

"I am so overwhelmed right now from looking at these pictures that I can't seem to turn off the tears. It's not just about Keith, it's about my heritage, my family, Gram and Pop and their legacy and I just can't even begin to thank you enough for capturing the beauty of this family on film. I know beyond a doubt that it is not just your skill that captures moments so profoundly, it's the beauty that lives in you and your heart that comes through in every picture you take."

"Tim--you did such an awesome job. I always believe that there is a reason for everything and that God has a way of working mysteriously. It was by chance that we found you, but I truly think a higher authority had alot to do with it. You are wonderful."

And on... However, what I have heard most is about my dream, and how I am living it. How I am taking what is inside and brought it out to make it a reality. My photography. Honestly, I think this has all grown more than I thought it would in 2007. And now for 2008 I already have shoots booked through out the year. It's a great feeling, No, better than great. It's my dream. I just want you all to stop though, think about your dreams. Can you grab them. Can you take them down from the stars and run with them? It's not easy, you may have to step in directions that aren't comfortable, that take you out of your element... Just look forward and walk. Take those steps one at a time. No one ever said living your dream is easy. It takes work. But when you're there, it's work that happens to be worth every bit. It's you, your dream, your life. So capture it, endure it and live it.

You won't be let down.... At least that's what I've come to realize as a Ct. Wedding and portrait photographer. That every shot is worth it. Capturing the feelings of the day... It is ALLL WORTH IT!

~Shine on~

"Leap And The Net Will Appear..."

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Collinsville, Ct. 06022

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