Monday, November 17, 2008

A bright new day is coming for this Ct. Photographer!!!

Sorry I've been MIA.... I'll be coming back very soon with some great new words, stories from this past year of wedding fun as well as some new tips, portrait fun and furry pet pics...

HOWEVER, right now it's time to tell you about the newest happenings and why I've been MIA... Over the past couple weeks there have been a great deal of changes happening. And they've kept me from being here. From working on all the weddings I've shot over the past couple months to... (drum roll please)....

A BRAND NEW and not only that but a brand new studio in the Real Artways Building in Hartford as well! The studio will be great for everyone. It's centrally located in Ct., it's 2 minutes of Interstate 84 and it's just going to rock!

As for that website. The wedding page is just beautiful, the portraits page is fun and light and the only page still in the works is the pet page... Really about dogs. They just needed their own dedicated space and they got it!!! So check it out, and be ready because while this year was a great one, 2009 is going to be leaps and bounds beyond remarkable!!!

And just keep TAB Photographic in mind for any portrait maternity pet new born and wedding photography in mind for Ct. and the rest of New England!!!

Shine on,

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Suzi said...

Congrats!!! I wish you the best of luck, and an abundance of oppertunities.