Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The furry unconditional love...

So last night on the way to the studio in Hartford, all of sudden I was stopped in traffic. 2 cars up was a deer which was obviously struck by a vehicle. Yet not so bad that she was down for the count. She was actually standing there, in the right lane. Obviously a bit dazed and confused from what just happened.

Now this is not just any lane. It's route 44. Rush hour, 4 lanes of traffic in the dark. And there she stands, front legs oddly crossed, looking around and not moving. One car already stopped behind her. It was as if she had been rendered helpless, in a world that was no longer safe.

I pulled over in front of her and walked right up this wonderful creature. She looked at me as if asking for help. I gently stroked her head and scratched behind her ears. Holding her neck in a gentle way as to not make her feel trapped but at the same time stop her from bolting into more oncoming traffic.

An officer arrived and his first thought was to put her down, gun in hand, it only took him about 30 seconds to realize that she wasn't all that bad. Just startled. I continued to pet her as Mr. Officer attempted to stop traffic. Do you know that there were probably 20 - 30 cars that drove right past him! Crazy! His car on the other side of the road, him in the middle of the road and cars act as if he's not there... Finally he got traffic stopped and that's when it was her turn. This was her chance. She either needed to take the steps and get across the road into the woods or her fate would be in the officers hand. With a last pat on the head and scratch of the ear I gave her a push and a slight slap on her back which got her to move.. Not all that fast, but she stepped up... Jumped once, ran a circle or two and then in her "deer'ly" ways bounded a few yards into the woods. It was then that we all realized there were a few other deer watching the entire ordeal. As if they were waiting for her. She seemed like she was going to pull through.

Why do I tell you all of this? Because as many of you know, my dog was struck by a car about 7 weeks ago, broken hip, staples, not a good thing. But he pulled through. With his unconditional love and companionship he pulled through. He's such a strong creature, I really believe all animals are, all creatures are. If we just give them the chance they need. And I believe we gave this deer the chance she needed to pull through. Probably a hurtin' "pup" today... But she'll make it...

And with all of that I decided, what better time to show off some great shots, fantabulous shots of the furry ones.... So while you all know I shoot weddings, and while you all know I take portraits to capture the moments and memories... Don't forget, I'm here for those shots of the unconditional love... The pet portraits!

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Suzi said...

Great story...love the other deer watching.

enjoy the holiday!