Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can't not...

I have been keeping politics out of the world of blogg'y'ness. Though there comes a time when I just have to let it roll a little. And while we should all give McCain a hats off for a valid attempt and life long support of our country, we must all give a hats off to Obama!
What we are all witness of, admit it or not, is great history. This is stuff that our grand children will be reading about in their text books. And we're living it! We're living and part of such a great piece of history. And not just US history but world history. Countries around the world have been just as tied into this campaign as we are on our own soil! And all of these places around the world have watched the US create history once again!
I heard a U.S. Citizen who now resides in france, all of his friends and family stood up and cheered, clapped, and shouted about what had happened when he walked into his daily cafe stop, all excited about the future. Do you realize that countries around the world feel that the United States is all of a sudden in a good place, that we're back to being the country that the world use to look up to??? This isn't just about us, it's about the entire world.
It's not a lie. President Obama, hah, that was great to type, has a rocky road in front of him, we all do. But we're all part of it. He will have some great and powerful people along side of him and if we just listen to what he has said, we know that Change is here. It won't take a month, it won't take a year but if we can all just give it a chance. I feel, for the first time in 8 years, that change, a good change is here. For myself, my family, my country and our world!
Hope has created a future of change. Now let's embrace it together!!!


Try my wings said...

Yes! Obama rocks!

Try my wings said...

And I'm from Sweden :P

Suzi said...

This truly is cause for the world to celebrate and tonight parents of all races and backrounds can honestly tell thier children they can grow up to be anything they want if they work hard....there really is no limit!

Mary Marantz said...