Saturday, January 31, 2009

The New Albums

With 2009 there are a TON of great changes coming down the pipeline for TAB Photographic! From new websites (that have recently been shown to the world), the new logo which you can see on the new websites at WWW.TABPHOTOGRAPHIC.COM to so many other changes that are just going to rock! One of those changes would be the new albums that I'm going to be using for 90% of all album and book orders in 2009. These albums are by Finao. You can dig a bit deeper into my blog for more info on them as I mentioned this late last year when the decision was made. 

But for now, I just had to share some of the "simple" Element Albums that they are offering up to the world. These albums are not the large flush mount wedding albums but more of the simple, keep anywhere you want type albums. They even make some small enough to keep in your purse (european carry all for you men), in the car, on your desk at work to anywhere else! They even make great gifts. Not to mention that all cover material is designed and chosen around your wants!!! Seriously, what could be better. 

So chalk a mark up for Finao as they will be making the albums that just rock!!!

More samples and a couple beautiful wedding flush mount albums coming soon!!! Stay Tuned!

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