Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Right Now...

Think back, oh, 5 years... That sounds like a good range. Now being back 5 years, look forward to today. The fresh start to 2009.

5 years ago.....

  • would you have thought the country would elect a virtually unknown politician, whos father was from africa, to be president? Let alone replacing "W", who I might add has the lowest approval rating of any president in history.
  • would you believe more people would be watching more video online than TV?
  • Would you believe an earthquake would kill more than 100,000 people and their own government would do nothing?
  • Would you think that the economy would be in the middle of a once in a century meltdown?
  • Or that you would now know who the governor of alaska is?
  • Or would you possibly believe that Starbucks would be sputtering out?

That's today.... Right now.

Now what if you looked back at 1990?

  • remember the wide headbands? Ninja Turtles? pre-ripped jeans?
  • Do you remember that's when the first McDonalds opened in Moscow?
  • Or that Pete Rose was sentenced to five months for income tax evasion?
  • How about east and west germany being re-united
  • or Continental Airlines filing for bankruptcy?

Do you remember any of those things? I know I sure didn't. And the ones I did, like the Ninja Turtles... Can't say as if I really cared. Now you're probably wondering what I'm getting at right? Quite simply today. Today. TODAY. The only day that truly matters. Those worries about the future, let them go. The past, there's a reason they're where they are. Let them go. That stuff in the past no longer matters.

And you surely can't tell me that you know where you'll be in 4 or 5 years. Let alone think about what your life will hold. The only think you know for sure is right now. The present.

Right now, is there a reason to be depressed? A real reason? Not some reason that you're trying to make up in order to be down in the dumps. But a real reason. Can you let it go? Can you really just be here right now? Let go of the stress, let go of the worries. Right here and right now can be filled with joy! Filled with love! Filled with smiles... But only if you let it. We all have our concerns, though I do wonder how much they truly matter? We all have needs, wants and desires, though I do wonder how much they truly matter? Right now, I guess the only thing that matters is, well, right now. You have two choices, A or B.

A) You can look at what you do have, you can enjoy the moments, you can enjoy the people around you, you can set things in place today to help you tomorrow, you can make others smile and in turn smile yourself, you can be free, let go of stress, let go of worries, and just be in what you have. Help others when you can and when they need it. Even if it's of no financial gain to you. Spread kindness and dance to the music...


B) You can be in misery, you can wish you had things you don't, or be in places you aren't, you can let depression drag you down, you can wish you were around different people, or in different places. You can tell the world that you're going to be some place else in 5 years but not do a thing to get yourself there, you can watch steps to make the future bright pass you by with out taking the opportunity only to look back into the past at what you have done to be different today. And you can listen to the music and in your head be thinking that it all just sucks...

It's your call, they're your two choices, A or B, which are you going to reach for???? I know what my choice with out a second guess about it.....

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Suzi said...

Yet again...great perspective. Love your energy and attitude!
I know you will have a most wonderful 2009.