Monday, December 14, 2009

A great big thank you!!!

As I sit here thinking about just how great this past weekend was I have you all to thank!!! Many of you know that this past weekend TAB Photographic held some Toys For Tots Portrait fun. Put simply, you brought toys I took portraits! How do we know just how great it went? How about the 3 large boxes of toys that are going to be dropped off at a Toys for Tots location. How about the fact that those 3 large boxes of toys are going to bring countless smiles to many faces when they are needed most! And how about the fact that those 3 large boxes are because of you all! And of course while many of you came in for portraits, there were those of you that went over the top and had toys drop shipped! Yea, I think you ALL JUST ROCK! And I can't thank you enough for making it such a successful weekend!!!!


As for the blog. Yes, it's been lacking. That's going to change too. I have so many images to up date. So many things to share. So be ready! We're back on! 3....2....1.... GO!

BUT! Before I go... I just have to share this awesome link with you to some great artwork! Spotted today on the today show. Check it out for some great gifts and great pieces of work!

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