Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunny St. Augustine is the way to go!

Being a photographer is generally a pretty good thing, not always the best but pretty darn good! And as a wedding photographer, the opportunity seems to always arise to shoot in new locations, fun locations, and locations that let you work with surroundings to really rock it out!

And this wedding for Abbie and Carrie was no different. Shooting their wedding in St. Augustine Florida. The sky was blue, the day was warm (very warm) and all in all, it worked great for another awesome wedding!!!

Of course there's the games and tricks of getting into the wedding dress and finding the little clasps that may not always be there... And when you can't find them, making do with what you have.

And when it comes to shooting weddings in great historic towns like St. Augustine, well, there's added fun when you can walk to the chapel...

And can I again mention the fun that a little town, a new place can bring your way. A little edge, a little funk and a lot of fun!!!

What more can you say. I honestly believe that line, "a picture tells a thousand words..." which in this case would mean we've got the chapters covered from this day...

OH! One more thing... There was lots of love!!!

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JagGirl said...

You're right, the church in St. Augustine is beautiful. The pictures of the wedding were awesome. I may have to visit sometime in the near future.