Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a new tease!

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What's more fun than pulling random shots and putting them up as teasers... Especially from a wedding. As the season begins to get rolling along I'm reminded of just how much I love shooting weddings. Being such an integral part of a couples day...

And for Nicolina and Billy, the case held strong. Their energy just rocks! Nic is always smiling, from buying 22 pounds of butter so she can create a butter sculpture of a great photographer, (hint hint) to bringing her pup Jake in for some studio shots!!

But today, what could have been better than her day...

The weather was awesome! All the friends and relatives loving every moment...

Their day was just all that... (and a bag of chips)

The happiness was great... And then the night came to an end. Just as fast as it began rolling, it slowed... With a great embrace, smiles shared and a few random tears... It was all so good!

And I won't get into the 2 week honeymoon. ;o)

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