Saturday, May 22, 2010

Collette and Rocco - Sure to be a great wedding!!!

As wedding season is about to hit full steam, it's still fun to shoot the engagement sessions too! And of course we need to share some teasers from said engagement sessions!!!  

And for Collette and Rocco, what a great day. 

They're a great couple. Always willing to have a little fun.  But for Collettes sake, let's hope there are no birds flying near by, feeding in the grass, or generally within about a 500 yard radius... Something about random bird attacks happening. And I'm not talking about Collette running after them, but the other way around... We won't get into that though. (hang on, I believe I just did)

Anyway, the session was fun, As you can see, we cut Roccos head off, pushed him over and made sure he stayed close to protect her from the geese... It was all good though! 

Thanks for a fun session guys! Can't wait to shoot your day!!!

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