Monday, November 8, 2010

The little super hero!!!

No, really, he's a superhero! Sure, he doesn't know it yet but he is! 

How is it possible that at 8 days old he's already a superhero??? Because he literally saved the studio. Okay, maybe not single handedly but none the less. Saved the studio...

You see, his parents brought him out into the world and to the TAB Photographic Studio last weekend. For the first 45 minutes or so he wasn't feeling the fanTABulous energy. Instead being that 8 day old little bundle that just wants to look around and take in the world. Well, as you can see the time did come when he caved in and pictures just rolled out. But that's not all. About 10 minutes before the session was over there was a steady beeping.... Looking at each other we were all curious in the studio when there was a smell. 

Well, long story short, the apartment above the studio was on fire. Not to worry though, this little guys father and I became volunteer fire fighters for a day! We took action, put the fire out, came back down and wrapped up with a couple more shots. (sure we smelled a little charbroiled, but it's just how you roll when you're a fire fighter)

So how did this new little love of the world become a super hero? Quite simple, if he hadn't been loving the first 45 minutes of his time at the studio, we would have long finished with the session and the entire building would have been gone. Maybe down the road he will get to hear that little story. 

Shine on all!!!

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