Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yes... Again Change...

I have been thinking about this for quite some time now, this blog of Autumn, the blog of change! Yes, that in deed is what we shall call it, the blog of change. I can sit here and be sure of myself that there are thousands of blogs all revolving around the same thing at this moment. The change. It's inevitable that with the new season upon us, the true season of change, many will reflect back on the past year, maybe the past years. Reflecting upon autumns changes and in turn reflect upon themselves. With the green leaves turning a kaleidascope of reds, golds and browns that are fall's vivid shades and the colorful flowers are retreating back into themselves, now is the time for you to decide about change. Will you too retreat back with in yourself? Or will you step out, will you be the smaller critters that scamper around the forest floors working to move forward in life. To collect the nuts and seeds of their future? Which is it that you will choose???
Do you look at change and hide behind a blanket of darkness or do you reach out to grab it, pull it in and mold it into your own??? By all means, don't hide. Life is unstopable, however by hiding in the darkness it is also riding the flatline. You stick to the same routine, you follow the same rules, you roll along in a mundane state... Not that doing so is always a bad thing, at times one needs that certain calmness that comes with routine. BUT! Let's bring back the change! The moments where life can better itself, life can shine on in so many different ways and colours! Life can be pure bliss!!! When of course you step away from the flat line, our of that comfort zone and into a new phase.
With out that change can you truly grow? I know that for TAB Photographic being a photographer in Ct. and New England, I see so much. I could easily glide along just doing what I do, riding a flat line. But you see, that's NOT what my choice is! My choice is to grow and take all those that matter to me along my side. My choice is to become not just another one of the Ct. wedding photographers or portrait photographers, but to be the photographer. The one you want to have in your circle, the one that you want to capture the moments and the love and the tears. From your big wedding day, to portraits of your children to yes, even your pet, or should I say pets! I will do that by constantly changing, by embracing all that is given to me and by searching out all that is not. I will grow, I will change. I will become those colours that are now abundant across New England and other parts of the country.... I will be ever changing.
How about you? Will you sit still or will you wrap your hand, no your arms, around possible change??? It's your choice, but what ever choice you make, just hold on and know that with change can come so many other powerful things. And much like we see in nature, The trees go from their colourful greens to their reds, yellows, purples and more. And then they go quiet, they rest and take in the change under a blanket of white calmness. They accept the change, the work with the change and make that change a good thing, recharging for yet another build up, another year with great opportunities... They grow, larger and stronger, they become lush in color, they reach deep into the earth and soak up the sun, and they do this how??? And why??? Because they accepted change... They accepted a great future. And year after year, they embrace that change only to grow stronger through each and every day....
So what will it be, your road to life is right there in front of you, shall you sit and take it all in from the same vantage point or will you walk down the road looking for the change to make your life that much better!!!

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Suzi said... have a great energy that spills into your writing...and art...I'm sure a large part of that comes from embracing change and continuing to grow and evolve. It is when we resist change that we grow stagnant...and our colors begin to shine on! Enjoy..Suzi