Thursday, October 30, 2008

St. Augustine Florida!

It's a great thing when I'm not even done with weddings for the 2008 year and I'm already looking forward to the weddings of 2009. From Main, to New Hampshire onto the beaches in Newport RI through Ct. and down to St. Augustine Florida! I must say, it's going to be hard for the other weddings of 2009 to beat out the St. Augustine Florida wedding. And it's set for November, I know, a year away. But I think about the fact that it snowed here in Ct. yesterday and one could have only wished to be down in Florida!

So, St. Augustine Florida, the oldest town in the U.S., It should really be a great thing and I'm thinking well hey, I may just make a week of it! Anyone been down there before????

Here's a video I found on youtube. It's an odd one but hey, a video about it none the less. Of course taken through someone elses eyes and not my own...

Can't wait for 2009!!!

Shine on!

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