Monday, October 20, 2008

Shaking around the world...

As the days roll on I find myself as busy as can be. With some great portrait sessions going on and even more weddings! This is seriously the "new wedding season".... I guess in my eyes couples should hold their big day in the time of year that is fitting for them, not because it's "the season"... I truly believe that everyone has that special time just like we all have a special place. I can think of many special places that I know I have. Actually the thoughts bring me back through all of my years, from growing up to being out west and back to New England... All such great changes along the way. Speaking of changes, we are currently sitting in one of the most splendid of times here in New England... It's Autumn. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing and from my town of Collinsville to Northern Maine, New England is surely a great sight for all... I'm sure that I'll have some New England'esque pictures up soon.

And at the same time, while I think about New England, and living here, and running my business as a photographer, portrait or wedding and more, I can't help but wonder what running my business in other parts of the world would be like... From China, to New Zealand or even Africa! Can you imagine that... There you are, at a wedding, a day like no other.... The camera shutter clicking away when a giraffe strolls through the ceremony. Or you're shooting a wedding when the world begins to shake and the church begins to cruble and all just have to run for their lives... That's something that happened quite recently. Not to me, but you can view some of the images here. I can just imagine though, the feeling, the suffering. For an event such as that to happen on a day that should be all yours... And the world attempts to shake you off. What gives. True craziness... A bit of a ramble, yea, maybe. All I can say is that even in that situation, I would still love being a wedding photographer From Ct. and New England to the rest of the world... Anyone want to take me to New Zealand or some where else cool and exciting???

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